Top 7 Visitor Management Software in 2024

List of the best visitor management software that you can add to your company's HR workflows. In this article, go through main features and pricing.

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Updated on January 04, 2024

Written by Alberto Di Risio

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Having the right visitor management software to support your business is crucial. Aside from providing an extra level of security, it’s what allows clients, business partners, and investors into your space and keeps unwanted guests at bay. Of course, not every visitor management software is made equal, and it’s important to find the one that will meet your specific needs.

Even more important than finding a good visitor management software is understanding how it will interact with your access control system. Finding software that integrates with your access control will greatly simplify the administrative process involved in getting your visitors into your space.

For one, having integrated systems means that once you’ve registered your visitor in your visitor management software, they’ll also be registered with your access control system. This limits the chance of error when you have important visitors coming to your space and keeps things running smoothly.

Integrated systems are also beneficial for increasing security. It reduces the possibility of visitors being registered in one system but not the other, which can cause confusion and make it hard to track who was in your space when. And when your systems aren’t working together, you have a higher chance of a security breach.

In the list below, we describe the best visitor management software available in 2024.

Envoy #

Envoy is an extremely well-known option among enterprise companies. They’ve been a leader in the industry for years, and they’re always looking to innovate and improve the visitor experience. The sign-in process is very straightforward, and you can create custom criteria for entry and screen visitors before they enter. Plus, employees can be automatically notified when their visitor arrives. They also give users the option to send visitors important info pre-and post-visit, like forms and directions. Envoy has recently added desk and conference room booking features and additional services like delivery management and employee scheduling integrations.

On top of visitor managment, the company offers a variety of features that enable businesses to run their workspace following a hybrid model.

Envoy offers a free plan with limited features, a standard plan for $99/month/location, and a premium plan for $299/month/location. They’ll also create custom enterprise solutions for large companies.

Envoy also integrates with Kisi, allowing you to sync your visitor log with your access control system to make the visitor experience even easier for your guests and your staff.

Eden Workplace #

Eden Workplace offers a suite of products and services for office management, including visitor management. Within the Eden Workplace system, you can easily pre-register guests and sign in your visitors, as well as screen them for any safety concerns before they enter your space. They offer similar services to other visitor management software, like the ability to send visitors forms and information before they arrive. With Eden, guests can sign themselves in upon arrival. The system will then notify your employees, cutting down on wait time for both parties.

The most basic plan for Eden’s visitor management software is free, but comes with minimal features. The Accelerate plan, for $79/month/location, offers most of the features a small business would need. For more advanced offerings, there’s the Scale plan for $149/month/location, as well as custom enterprise solutions.

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Eden Workplace integrates with Kisi, making it simple to check visitors into your space and track access events and giving you another layer of security and protection.

iLobby #

iLobby is one of the leading visitor management solutions among enterprise organizations. The solutions offered by iLobby go beyond pure visitor management and are built to streamline processes and workflows in the entire workplace.

Their corporate plan starts at $199/month and their enhanced plan starts at $275/month, but the company also offers a trial plan for 1 admin and 1 location which is free of charge and can be used as a proof of concept before committing to a full roll-out.

Proxyclick #

Proxyclick has been around for a while, and they’re fairly well-known for their visitor management software. They make a clean, user-friendly product that can handle a variety of tasks, like visitor pre-screening, kiosk check-in, remote registration, and sending notifications to employees. It’s an all-encompassing visitor management software, and they’ve been expanding their integration capabilities, making it even easier to work with.

Proxyclick’s most basic plan is the Prime plan, for $100/month. It includes many of the key features a business needs when it comes to visitor management, and additional features can be added to create a custom-built solution. The company also offers more hands-on introduction plans, starting at $1,700, which provide virtual consultations and step-by-step guidance to get you started, plus priority support for the first few months of use. Like other software providers, Proxyclick can build custom enterprise solutions as well.

Sine #

Sine is another top-rated visitor management software. Customers say it’s very simple to set up, and straightforward for users on both the admin and visitor side. Sine offers contactless sign-in from mobile devices, which means no additional hardware to install and no wait time for visitors when they arrive on site. Employees can receive notifications when their visitors arrive and can accept or reject visitor requests. They offer a unique check-in service, where visitors scan a QR code outside the building or office they’re requesting to enter. This means there’s no need for a receptionist to screen visitors or manage the check-in process.

Sine is very competitively priced, starting at $49/month/location, best for workplaces expecting around 25 check-ins a day. From there, they have the Medium plan for $79/month/location, and the Large plan for those with 150 check-ins a day for $149/month/location. They also offer an enterprise custom solution.

Splan #

Splan works to enhance the guest check-in experience and take away the pain of manually tracking visitors. It allows visitors to pre-register online or through their app, and will automatically perform background checks for you. The visitor’s information can then be edited by employees without needing an administrator or front-desk worker stepping in. Splan also sends notifications to employees and visitors upon check-in and check-out and can use facial recognition to remember returning visitors. You can also print visitor badges, which can be customized under some of Splan’s plans.

Splan’s Standard plan is $129/month/location and includes unlimited visitor registration, but fewer features and customization options. The Premium plan, for $249/month/location, includes more customization and integrates with your employee directory. Lastly, the Advanced plan is $399/location/month and offers the most comprehensive list of features.

Raptor #

Raptor is focused primarily on visitor management in schools. Their software can screen any visitor, performing background checks to ensure your space stays safe. Plus, they offer screening questionnaires before guests arrive or at the door. Raptor can also check visitors’ names against state databases, as well as against custom databases created by users. If visitors set off a red flag, it alerts administrators and security. For safe visitors, Raptor can print badges that are customized to your location. The software can also generate comprehensive visitor logs for both individual locations and multiple locations within a network.

Raptor’s visitor management software starts at $595/year/location. They also offer options to add volunteer management and emergency management, both of which are customized for the site they would be used at.

How to Pick the Right Software for Your Needs #

With all the different options available, it can seem difficult to know which visitor management software will be the right one for your business. It can help to start with a list of your must-have features, so you can focus on exactly which software option will be the best fit for your needs. Compare each option carefully, and pay attention to the different plan offerings and prices. Remember to look for what can easily integrate with your access control, too, to ease your administrative duties and give your visitors a seamless experience.

You will also want to assess features that go beyond visitor management and are more geared towards hybrid workspace needs (such as screening surveys, desk booking or capacity, and occupancy management).

If you want to learn more about visitor management systems and how they function, check out our dedicated guide (no signup required!).

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