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Eden now integrates with Kisi to help you adapt even more effectively to the ever-changing modern workplace environment. As flexible, hybrid work situations become more common, using Kisi access control with your Eden management software will simplify administrative tasks like desk booking, visitor management, and room scheduling.

Purpose of the Integration

Kisi’s integration with Eden makes it easy to control both employee and visitor access to your workplace. From automating the onboarding and off-boarding process to easily tracking and managing where visitors go within your space, Kisi brings an additional layer of control and safety to your workplace. Kisi automatically syncs to your Eden directory to seamlessly grant or revoke access to your office and to different areas within it, which you can customize to fit your needs.


  • Grant instant access to visitors, and revoke access after a pre-set amount of time
  • Extend operating hours without compromising on safety and security
  • Allow access to multiple locations with one key and through the Kisi app
  • Track where users request access throughout the workplace
  • Kisi tracks all access events, so you’ll always have an easily accessible log of visitor records
  • Easily manage office access, capacity, and employee permissions in a hybrid workplace
  • Kisi directory syncs automatically with your Eden directory, saving time on visitor registration
  • Control access within the office, for example to meeting rooms, based on bookings made through Eden


  • A Kisi account
  • An Eden account