Kisi x OfficeRnD Integration

Connect your OfficeRnD coworking memberships to Kisi to easily grant new members access to your space and speed up onboarding and off-boarding from your favorite access management system. Here is an overview of how spaces can leverage this integration to improve hot desk booking, manage capacity planning, offer members a touchless experience, and a lot more.

Purpose of Integration

OfficeRnD’s integration with Kisi lets you completely automate door access control in your flexible workspace. Onboard new members by automatically issuing keys when they sign up for a membership. Disable access keys automatically when a membership is cancelled without the need to return physical keys. Perform emergency unlocks for your space remotely from anywhere in the world. Get notifications when a member accesses your space after normal business hours.


  • Great user experience for both admins and members
  • Streamlined space management and growth metrics useful for larger spaces
  • Automate access to certain areas in your space and gain insights on members’ needs
  • Provide 24/7 access to coworking members via Kisi


  • Kisi account
  • Office RnD account

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