Kisi x Envoy Integration

Companies that use Kisi and Envoy for visitor management can now integrate the two for easy visitor management.

Purpose of Integration

When a company registers a visitor in Envoy, they are automatically assigned a mobile key credential—this allows companies to easily track and manage their visitors and how they access the space.



  • Unify your access control and visitor management with enhanced functionality
  • Provision cloud credentials to visitors in your Kisi Dashboard and monitor visitors in Kisi’s activity log
  • Automatically expire visitors access after a pre-set duration or during sign out
  • Create a record for all visitors within Kisi
  • Restrict Kisi access to only invited visitors
  • Customize your visitors access by mapping multiple groups to different visitor types in Envoy
  • Limit physical access for visitors
  • Automatically assign visitors to access groups in Kisi
"We have a iPad at our office door with about 10 COVID type protocol questions. If they answer a flagged question, they are not granted access. Employees KISI access does not work until they answer the questions to check in each day. Once they answer those, and no flagged COVID answers, their KISI access is granted. Once set up properly, it works seamlessly."

-Marc Udelhofen​
VP Operations & Technology , Verdant TCS



  • Envoy account
  • Kisi account

Navigate to Kisi documentation for the integration guide.

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