Kisi x Archie Integration

Connect your Archie account to Kisi to easily grant new members and external clients access to your space or specific rooms automatically. The integration will allow you grant accesses manually or based on triggers like plan purchases, room or desk bookings and much more to bring a keyless experience to your coworking spaces.

Purpose of the integration:

Archie’s integration with Kisi automates door access control in your coworking space. Once Archie is integrated, you can define trigger events that will grant access to specific members, external clients or companies. For example, you could configure Archie to automatically send the key to specific areas of your space if your client purchases a dedicated desk membership. Then, Archie will also automatically remove the access of the member once the membership ends. Such trigger events can be configured for things like offices, desks, custom areas, plans, conference room and desk bookings and much more.

Archie Coworking Integration Setup


  • Provide a seamless experience to your members
  • Gain access to your clients space access data
  • Grant and remove automatic access to your space
  • Create new membership types with multiple locations access


  • An Archie account
  • A Kisi account

Navigate to Kisi documentation for the integration guide.

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