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Work Heights

Using Kisi to Simplify Daily Operations

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Work Heights
  • Before Kisi

  • Managed access with physical keys

  • Access control got unsustainable as members grew

  • After

  • Cloud access control now contributes to automated operations

  • Allows for a self-run space

How did you manage your space before using Kisi?

When I first launched the space there were only eight members! Naturally, I went with the most intuitive and traditional way of managing a small number of people—physical keys.

work heights main working area
Main Working Area at Work Heights in Brooklyn, NY.

What were some of the challenges with physical keys?

My membership numbers grew and it was simply unsustainable to manage the space with physical keys. It didn't make sense to make physical copies of keys for each new member. Security was also becoming an issue as the number of people in the space grew, and keys could be lost or shared. If that were to happen, we could not be replacing the locks every time.

How did you find out about Kisi?

I learned about Kisi from The Farm SoHo because they were already using Kisi. I really loved how it was working and, when I decided to transition from using physical keys, the choice for access control was pretty clear as I already saw how it was bringing tangible benefits.

work heights conference room
A conference room that's managed by Kisi at Work Heights.

What does Kisi help you with?

In terms of operations, it has helped to create access to the space in a streamlined way. Access is far more easily managed than before because access can simply be granted or relinquished. This automation of operations makes it a lot easier for me to take a hands-off approach of the day-to-day running of the space. This allows me to focus on my other business.

In addition, I find Kisi to be a very useful tool in terms of spelling out access rights. With access rights tied to the membership level, it becomes a black and white matter that access will only be granted with a paying membership. Hence, it professionally resolves the rather awkward situation where my community manager might have to explain to a certain member that he or she will not have access until payment is received.

work heights lounge
Cozy basement lounge at Work Heights.

In terms of man hours saved, I would give a rough estimate of around 1.5 hours saved per member, which is really significant when the members add up. This estimate comes from time needed to assign and distribute keycards to new members, keeping track of where the keycards are, and getting them back when a member leaves. I also benefit from offering various access levels at different prices. These prices are tied to different membership tiers, which Kisi makes easy to assign and implement—something a physical key could never do.

Join Work Heights in Using Kisi

With Kisi, Work Heights ensures that only paying members gain access.

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