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Flexible space, secure access: Learn how FoundrSpace deployed Kisi to provide first in class user experience

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  • Integrated and unified system

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  • Easy data monitoring for planning and programming

With a focus on community and support, FoundrSpace strives to make hybrid work flexible and desirable. Nestled in Rancho Cucamonga and Old Town Pasadena, California, FoundrSpace allows its members to choose a membership experience that works for them, facilitating month-to-month memberships with no contracts.

Having a space that strives for flexibility and security requires supporting technologies and systems – this is why they chose Kisi. “It's very easy to integrate within the app, as simple as a switch on.” says Jazz Gabrielle, Community Manager at FoundrSpace. With Kisi, they have a 24/7, secure, and fully operational facility.

FoundrSpace now promotes its unique hybrid setup with Kisi, letting members have agency over their access options and providing a platform that removes the manual and tedious tasks of monitoring access.

Kisi supports promoting growth, safety, and community in your coworking space

FoundrSpace is rooted in community. When your core values are in providing the best experience possible to connect people and spaces, having an access control system that is integrated with the rest of the technology in your ecosystem is an asset.

The integration with Spacebring allows for full transparency and tracking of data such as activity logs, popular hours for members to come in, and off-hours occupancy, among others. Having reliable data that describes the occupancy rates and access patterns to your space is pivotal in promoting safety, planning your programming, hosting events, and organizing seminars.

Coupled with the ability to manage the access of hundreds of attendees at different times the convenience is just as important as the trust in the security, monitoring, and data of your physical space.

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Kisi helps you streamline access to make it more efficient and quick

According to Edwin Guembes, Co-Owner of FoundrSpace, it is “Very convenient to have a system where you can remotely monitor and control your lock versus having a manual lock. In case of emergencies, it is very easy to control the locks wherever you are. Everything is streamlined and convenient, which makes it very easy to manage.”

Besides the management and flexibility capabilities, having Kisi in place can also be a source of peace of mind. As Jazz Gabrielle explains to us, “Having Kisi makes it easy to revoke access once someone has decided to stop their subscription. It is helpful to have everything into one app.”

Kisi supports FoundrSpace in making the operations more efficient and quick by taking care of the security and streamlining their members' experience.

An easy to set up, unified system with amazing integrations

For FoundrSpace, one of Kisi’s main benefits is the simplicity in setting it up. Once the members adjusted to having a unified and standardized system across the operating locations, it was simple to make the change and tap into its benefits. “We had Kisi mapped in our preferred access control solutions until our founders decided it was time to integrate it into our spaces”, says Jazz Gabrielle.

Another strength that FoundrSpace was able to unlock through Kisi is the flexibility you can enjoy by deploying a unified, cohesive, and consistent solution that supports various integrations.

“The integration has been a huge time saver. We don’t spend unnecessary energy tracking data manually because andcards and Kisi keep it organized. Conference room bookings are something we see in good use, before we had to track it manually with the calendar,” affirms Jazz Gabrielle.

FoundrSpace offers credit packs as part of their payment and booking methods. Using an integrated solution with Kisi that allows the credits to be used seamlessly was a huge perk. This enabled members to easily sign up by themselves, book meeting rooms, make reservations, and even order coffee – all through one app.

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A centralized access system for convenience, ease of management, and seamless member experience

“Our members approach me, and they let me know how convenient and easy it is to have everything centralized,” says Jazz Gabrielle.

Having systems that prompt your members to approach you with positive feedback is the standard in order to ensure an excellent user experience. The best part is that making your spaces more connected doesn’t have to be a big leap. According to FoundrSpace, all it took was three steps to get Kisi up and running.

Even while installing Kisi during NYE, the Kisi installer and support team ensured that the right administrators were logged in and set up different groups of access depending on the membership levels. FoundrSpace reiterates that “They [the installers] stayed on standby in case any questions came up and made sure we were comfortable with the system.”

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Optimize space utilization and increase revenue

Easily manage access, monitor security, and impress users with a seamless access experience with Kisi.

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