Magic Memories Child Development Center

Magic Memories Child Development Center

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Magic Memories
  • Before Kisi

  • Staff often forgot fobs and keys

  • Fobs and keys could be duplicated or shared between parents

  • Staff couldn't collect parent's key or fob when child permanently left the center

  • After

  • Can manage, track, decide who gains access and during what time

  • Onboarding new parents and staff is simple

  • Management can disconnect access to parents or guardians whose children leave the center

Magic Memories, a child development center for preschool, pre-K, and before and after-school childcare, provides a safe learning environment with Kisi at its door. The center has been using Kangarootime, a childcare management software solution, for two years. It integrates everything from parent information to finances and now it integrates with Kisi’s access control platform to let parents, guardians and teachers access childcare facilities. Magic Memories has been using Kangarootime and Kisi together for two months—it matched their vision for a safe learning environment for kids, parents and teachers alike.

How do you like using Kisi so far?

It’s been working great, I don’t have to bring something different like a fob or key card, I just use my cell phone to enter the center. The onboarding process was easy and I love the customer service provided by the team.

It helps us manage, track and decide who gains access to the center and during what period of time. Each parent can be recorded down individually and the center can decide who gets to enter and who doesn’t. This ensures tighter security since people can’t pick up children unless authorized through Kisi’s app. It is also extremely convenient for parents to use it—they just swipe to unlock.

Employees also use Kisi to come into the building at one entry point. They are currently thinking of expanding to more doors and for playgrounds, too. Previously, employees used to forget their fobs and keys, so Kisi does make a difference.

What security benefits have you experienced?

When children permanently leave the center, the management can just disconnect the access of their parent or guardian. This is safe because it’s not like collecting a key or fob back from them—that they can either duplicate or pass on to someone else that has ill intentions. On the other hand, you don’t just pass someone your phone; so, that’s instantly more secure. Safety is a number one priority for Magic Memories.

We also limit the proximity that they are able to open the door from—they can’t just open it two blocks away. You have to be at the door to be able to access the childcare facility. Safety is a big issue that parents always have on their minds. Seeing that Magic Memories has a system like Kisi that controls access on this level is great.

Join Magic Memories in Using Kisi

Parents have peace of mind, with Kisi, that their children are secure—without the difficulty at pick-up.

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