With Kangarootime connected to Kisi, you can:

  • Determine exact hours your members will have access to your space
  • Enable your work space to generate revenue 24/7
  • Allow members to unlock your space from their mobile phone
  • Create a safe and synchronous security system within your care facility
  • Grant access to specific doors and gates

What is Kangarootime?

Kangarootime gets care facilities into the mobile age. Easy enrollment, employee management, reporting - even accounting are part of the platform. But at the center is a mobile app which allows higher customer satisfaction turning customers into fans.

Next steps

Get in touch with the Kangarootime team and they'll explain next steps:

  • For new users interested in getting started, contact sales@kangarootime.com
  • For existing users with questions about the integration, contact support@kangarootime.com

More information on the technical flow of the integration soon to come on this page!

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