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  • Before Kisi

  • Couldn't track use of different spaces

  • Employees often lost keycards

  • Difficult to enable access for freelancers

  • After

  • Easy to organize and know who has access

  • Enables cleaners to access space

  • Google Calendar integration allows door scheduling

What is Kisi most helpful with?

We have 40 employees in the office and additional freelancers, Kisi is definitely most helpful in keeping our office safe and secure without the pain of real keys, access codes or keycards. It's super easy for our team to use and I never get questions like 'I forgot the code' or 'I lost my keycard.' I also find it really great to keep organized and know at any given time who has access to our space.

How many access levels do you have?

We have 3 access levels—admin, employee, and cleaning staff. The admin can access all 3 doors, and employees get access to the front door. Our studio is the 3rd door that we restrict for production managers to use. At night the cleaner comes with her Kisi fob, or I can let her in remotely. For freelancers, we send them a link through email and it enables them to unlock the door on their first day.

Are you using any integrations with Kisi?

We use the Google Calendar integration so that Kisi is on from 9 to 6.

How does Kisi help you accomplish your mission at mindbodygreen?

mindbodygreen is a one-stop platform; our mantra is 'You. We. All,' and it means how can you better yourself and bring that through to your community and the environment—to encompass it all. Kisi simplifies the day-to-day and it's a one-stop platform like us.

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