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Senior Post

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Senior Post
  • Before Kisi

  • Time spent duplicating, keeping track of keys and recovering them

  • Couldn't segment access levels to different areas

  • Couldn't track access logs to meet vendor-specific standards

  • After

  • Extensive logs tracking employee access are automated and detailed

  • Saves time and money not duplicating and collecting keys for freelancers

  • Ability to integrate security protocols with access control system

Senior Post focuses on the post-production aspect of editing and film. It collaborates with brands, agencies and creators; together with its in-house production team, Leroi, the two work symbiotically to deliver stunning video content. Senior Post is currently working on a tv show for Hulu called Ramy. We spoke to Senior Post Founder, Josh Senior, about his first full month using Kisi.

As his team grew he was experiencing drawbacks with physical keys—duplicating, keeping track and recovering them at the end of employee and project-based jobs.

How many employees do you have?

7 full-time and 7 freelancers.

How many doors do you use with Kisi?

3 doors for 2 spaces.

How did you manage your space before using Kisi? What were the challenges you faced with physical access control?

Using traditional keys, when people leave it’s one more thing to deal with it.

What is Kisi most helpful with today?

Not having physical keys is most helpful. I bring on a lot of freelancers and project-based employees, so the burden of copying, duplicating and supplying them with keys is really challenging. It’s great to provide access links and different members of teams to control different access levels. We use 3 different access levels: Server room, daytime and full-time employees.

Our short-term plan is to phase out our alarm system and to look at the doors and how we can combine them with security cameras. We keep logs of employees and track pretty actively access times, both for content protection and from the usability of our space and this is a greater level of detail.

How do your employees feel about Kisi?

They like the user experience and seem to have fun with it, it’s an adjustment but they seem to be enjoying it. They get to choose whether they want to use key cards or use their phones for access.

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