Power-tools manufacturer upgrades access to the cloud to enhance security to distribution centers

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Before Kisi

  • 70% of their systems on the cloud

  • A recent facility move necessitates a video and access solution with open API to integrate with their existing features

  • Active 24/7 surveillance

With Kisi

  • Event-based incident documentation and investigations

  • Alerts for high-priority and risk areas

  • Mobile access for increased security and convenience


As one of the most prominent and modern power tool companies, the IT team has already moved 70% of the systems to the cloud. The recent move to a 600.000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility prompted this industrial company to search for a cloud-based access control solution. To secure their distribution and R&D centers, they choose Kisi as a video and access solution with an open API that can easily integrate with their existing features.

Easy to deploy access control solution that scales with you

As an easy-to-deploy solution with a vast reseller and installer network, Kisi provided a rapid proof-of-concept at the new HQ. The manufacturing company had a chance to test Kisi and Meraki MV cameras together with IT on mobile devices and cards. After completion, it was presented and approved by management and C-level.

Besides the ease of implementation and the ability to connect all their locations and manage access remotely, the manufacturing company also had prevention in mind when choosing Kisi. The advanced video functionalities, access data, various integrations, and open API support inventory loss and incident prevention.

Kisi allowed us to scale our facility operations significantly easier than expected.” IT Director

Mobile access and event-based alerts for enhanced security

Given Kisi’s advanced video functionalities, the manufacturing company shifted from active 24/7 surveillance to event-based “after the fact” documentation and investigations. The admins configured the alerts to their preferences so they get alerted on their mobiles when specific doors in high-priority and risk areas are unlocked or held open.

To enhance security and avoid access control duplication, the power tools company decided to integrate Kisi with Azure and put Kisi’s mobile access into daily use.

Prioritize security and safety with Kisi

Manage access, enforce strict safety procedures, and ensure efficient people flow in your facility.

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