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Sweet Tea Yoga

Sweet Tea Yoga

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Sweet Tea Yoga
  • Before Kisi

  • Couldn't grant remote access to studio

  • Classes interrupted by latecomers

  • Difficult to grant access to substitute instructors

  • After

  • Door timer function allows seamless access

  • No instructor intervention for latecomers

  • No need to hire front desk worker

Why did you choose Kisi for your yoga studio?

I have 12 instructors on staff and I’m constantly adding subs. With Kisi’s app it makes it easy—there are no physical keys to worry about.”

How do you use Kisi?

“We use Kisi’s door timer feature—so the door stays unlocked and then 5 minutes into the class the door automatically locks.”

How does your staff feel about Kisi?

The instructors love it because they don’t have to interrupt class; if you’re 5 minutes late to the yoga class then you miss it—and that’s how it should be! I don’t have a front door person and, as far as scheduling, it makes it so much easier. We have unusual hours—sometimes it’s open later in the morning and evening. The staff really like it and don’t have to worry about their keys. I had an instructor call me and say she changed her phone and couldn’t get in, so I sent her access to the new phone from where I was.

What’s the best thing about using Kisi to manage your studio?

The greatest thing, as an owner, is being able to remotely open the door. Here, in Georgia, we have scorpion specialists and need people, like bug exterminators or air conditioning repairmen, to be able to access the space. I’m busy and I have a three-year-old, so that aspect of it is huge. It takes all of the stress away.

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With Kisi, Sweet Tea Yoga can run a smooth operation and grant access to substitute instructors remotely.

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