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Feenics Access Control Review

Feenics Inc is an innovative access control system based on open hardware manufactures. Established by access control industry veterans, this company offers customer oriented access control solutions for industries buildings and places of all sizes.

Feenics Access Control Products

Feenics access control solution (ACS) is built on a cloud-based model commonly referred to as Access Control as a Service (ACaaS). The core of this solution is a software platform known as FEENICS KEEP with power restful APIs to integrate with any third party software and hardware. Feenics access control solution advocates for open hardware manufacturing, which allows all kinds of hardware and their related software modules to integrate with the main security system.

Keep Access Pricing
Feenics Keep Architecture Review

It allows almost all third-party access control products to be integrated through the API. The main products it uses include:

Feenics Access Control System Summary

“Feenics KEEP, is an full cloud-based access control solution with an innovative blend of independency, freedom, flexibility and openness and security at one place in the cloud”

Four Salient Features of Feenics ACS

  • Supports Restful API: Feenics cloud access control platform offers a unique Restful API, where the third party software apps can be integrated into this security access system. You can integrate mobile native app, field hardware, standard web interfaces and other third party tools.
  • Powerful Security: Feenics cloud access control offers mission critical security based on the modern technologies, which are reliable and robust. The major security portfolios included in the platform include two factor authentication, secure socket layer (SSL) and complete end-to-end encryption of data from field device to the access point.
  • Great Resiliency & Availability: The availability and resilience of the system is more than 99.99%, which is powered by many strong mechanisms such as, multi-server load balancing, redundant links, multi-location backups, disaster recovery mechanism and others.
  • Powerful Software Tools: Feenics cloud access control system is supported by powerful Feenics Keep© access control system management platform, which can be accessed through web browsers from anywhere round the world. Powerful iOS and Android mobile apps are other strong tools to manage Feenics access control system.

Are there any mobile/cloud access components?

Yes, the Feenics access control system supports both mobile access and cloud access control components.

How Feenics's Cloud Access Control Works

Cloud access control works through restful APIs offered by the main software platform. Any third party software or intelligent hardware can be integrated into the system. The entire access-control system can be controlled through a web browser or any other homegrown application. You will need to input the authentic user credentials to access the system.

Feenics Dashboard
Feenics Dashboard Access Management

Feenics Mobile Access Control

To access Feenics Keep access control system, you need to install a native iOS or Android application on your mobile phone. Enter the authorized credentials to access the application. Once the application connects to the main platform over the internet, you are able to run and manage the access control system from your mobile device.

When to Choose Feenics ACS

Feenics is the only provider of an open hardware access control service, which is suitable for every kind of user – be it a household or an enterprise user. It is a solution that accommodates any situation, providing customized implementation of the platform based on customer requirements.

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