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Product Line of Schlage Access Control

Schlage is considered to be one of the top-shelf makers of robust and innovative security products including:

  • Mechanical locks and deadbolts that are known for their heavy-duty build
  • Electromagnetic locks that can be integrated to most access control systems
  • Smart locks that have both smart and proximity credential capability
  • Smart card readers and credentials (including mobile credentials)
  • Biometric terminals that provide a higher level of security

For decades, Schlage was known as the most reliable manufacturer of keys and locks.

Apart from its notable hardware Schlage has produced its own Express software program that manages offline locks and devices and the HandNet software program for controlling Schlage biometric readers.

Newer Schlage Products

The manufacturer has adapted to recent technological advances and provides cutting-edge solutions by offering cloud-based access control which can be implemented thanks to Schlage wireless locks. The latter are easy to integrate, connect, manage and use. This allows users to shift from mechanical keys towards electronic identification which makes Schlage access control more efficient and cost-effective.

Schlage also boasts a mobile credential solution – an easy-to-use mobile app utilizing NFC technology that turns your mobile device into a credential.

‍Modern Schlage locks
‍Modern Schlage locks eliminate the cost and hassle of keys

Organizations Schlage is Best Suited For

Schlage products are a perfect choice for any company that cherishes security above all. No matter the company size or its preference (legacy security hardware or keyless remote monitoring) Schlage has a solution for any organization. The manufacturer offers a wide choice of locks and key systems. After Allegion moved readers and credentials to Schlage portfolio users can enjoy a single source for their access control needs. The fact that Schlage products can be integrated with cloud-based access control systems make them particularly valuable for companies ready to implement cutting-edge security solutions.

What are the alternatives?

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