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September 27, 2017
Suprema pricing

Biostar - Suprema Access Control Review

The advanced Suprema fingerprint algorithm is at the center of BioEntry guaranteeing a secure biometric access control device. The speed and accuracy have made the Suprema algorithm popular as there exist multiple hardware options: You can add biometrics to your existing access control system and choose from a wide range of multi-factor readers such as face, fingerprint, card and PIN. 

Additionally, BioEntry by Suprema also comes with a TCP/IP interface, and even more traditional interfaces (RS-485, Wiegand) to provide higher flexibility and multiple installation options for different environments.

Biostar reader wiring
Biostar Suprema Reader Wiring Diagram

With Kisi Access Control You Also Get

Looking for an alternative?

Kisi's Cloud Based Physical Access Control System operates purely in the cloud, making it easy to set up and highly scalable as you expand.

Admins are able to easily establish granular controls with group, user and time-based restrictions -- just to name a few. End users have a range of unlocking options, including mobile apps available on Android and iOS, key cards and fobs.

Biostar Suprema Price

The Suprema Biostar (Standard Edition) Software retails on Amazon for $600, but for an estimate of the full costs for a biometric access control solution you will have to request a custom quote on their website. One resource that you may find helpful is our overview of access control installation costs for different systems. Alternatively, you can also consult the pricing for Kisi's mobile access solution here.

EntraPass Go Mobile App

EntraPass Go allows you to remotely control your security system from anywhere without being tied to a workstation. EntraPass Go puts you in control of your security. It enables you to interact with EntraPass security management software using only a few taps on your mobile device. 

The easy-to-use mobile app offers anytime, anywhere real-time management of over 20 access control, video and intrusion tasks. Manage/create cards, lock/unlock doors, view live video, arm/disarm intrusion partitions, request reports and more. EntraPass Go is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

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