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Swiftlane Access Control: Review and Pricing

Company Overview

Swiftlane provides a seamless access solution for modern spaces. Swiftlane is a touchless unlock system designed to provide high security, safety, and convenience using face recognition and mobile credentials. Their solution combines easy access with high security while eliminating the need for badges and key cards.

The face recognition technology, in particular, is a revolutionary security solution that provides a smooth and futuristic access experience.


Swiftlane hardware is designed to work with existing electronic door locks, simple low voltage ethernet and power-over-ethernet (POE) based wiring, and minimize labor costs and complexity. We can generally divide the hardware into Reader and Door Controller.


  • Combine touchless forms of access control: face recognition access control and mobile unlock, into one system.
  • Unlike most products, SwiftReaders come with a built-in Video Intercom for secure, remote visitor management.
  • A SwiftReader provides face recognition access, mobile access, and video intercom.

Door Controller

Swiftlane DCU is a cloud-connected access control system that connects to the existing doors and provides you with complete control over your building. Swiftlane Door Controller 5.1 provides access for up to 4 doors.

Major Features

Swiftlane offers customizable touchless access options that easily coexist with your current key card system.

  • Simple IP based access control installation
  • Complete access control management features
  • Touchless face unlock and mobile unlock
  • Video intercom system
  • Envoy + Swiftlane visitor management suite
  • Works with a single building, or large multi-location access control deployments


  • Like other modern solutions, the need for key cards, access badges, and key fobs is reduced
  • Pricing is in line with the market, so it’s reasonably good value
  • Their access control and video intercom is a good offering for offices and commercial real estate


  • The company is very new and therefore there are limited customer reviews and they may be less reliable
  • Facial recognition and remote monitoring software features pose privacy and security concerns. For more info, check our biometric access control guide.
  • There is no available information about ongoing and additional maintenance costs

Key Takeaways

Like many other video intercom systems in the industry, Swiftlane reduces the need for key cards and fobs, decreases the risk of unauthorized entry, and allows tenants and property owners to grant entry. Face recognition is a nice addition to access control, with identity usually being authenticated via mobile phone. Users may be concerned about privacy invasion. However, Swiftlane does not run surveillance but only uses biometrics for face recognition-based access control.