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Infinias Access Control Review

When working with a physical security system that includes digital components like smart locks and employee badges, security staff need a way to manage access to the office space as well as the network.

Door lock controllers, badging software and other technology can help them manage the physical security system of their location. There are many different access control systems on the market that system managers can choose from, but not all of them are created equal.

Here we break down and compare some of the features of two popular access control systems — Kisi and Infinias access control — along with their advantages and disadvantages.

The Infinias ESSENTIALS access control system features all the basics — badging, digital control of smart door locks and card readers, and video monitoring software. Users can be assigned different privilege groups that restrict their access as necessary. The control system supports multiple user roles and off-site management. The Infinias access control system also allows system administrators to create custom schedules, adjusting access rules and zones to prepare for events and holidays, or any other exception to the usual rules.

As detailed in the Infinias access control manual, all systems support an unlimited number of cardholders and doors.

The system can't be adapted to some wired locks, but it does support certain wireless lock brands. This makes it somewhat easier to install in locations with an existing physical security system.

The software is designed to work on most systems, so an admin would be able to control and monitor their physical security from most devices, such as an Android, iPhone, iPad or a desktop computer.

Infinias does offer cloud-based database backups as well as cloud management in addition to the off-site management. However, admins will need to sign up for Infinias CLOUD, which doesn't appear to be included with any of the system's three packages.

The Infinias ESSENTIALS system also doesn't support multiple sites or tenants. Administrators will have to find another solution if they need to manage various locations.

Kisi Advantages

Kisi also includes many of the features most would want from an access control system.

It also offers multisite management so that system admins can manage multiple locations from the same dashboard. Kisi includes access control for elevators, which the Infinias ESSENTIALS system isn't capable of.

One interesting feature of Kisi is its support for digital badges — which may eliminate the need for physical models. Kisi's digital badge features allow system users to use Bluetooth on iPhones or NFC on other mobile devices to unlock doors if they have the right permissions.

This feature also includes the possibility for administrators and managers to quickly assign guest passes to visitors, without needing to code a physical badge. Once a manager has assigned the visitor the right privileges, all they need to do is use their phone's web browser, and they'll have the access they need. After a certain period of time, access will be automatically revoked. This means administrators don't need to keep track of physical guest badges or worry about accidentally authorizing extended access.

With digital badges, administrators don't need to buy physical ones, which are required with most access control systems, including the Infinias systems.

Users and administrators can also upload and assign profile images. When a user scans their phone or badge at a door, the event log will include that image with the event record — making for quicker and easier visual review.

Kisi also includes cloud-based management by default, making it a good fit for managers who won't always be on-site to manage their security system, or for a company that has departments scattered across several locations needing the same level of access.

In general, Kisi will be a better fit for larger, more distributed sites with multiple managers and supervisors, as well as places that need to manage elevator access control. Kisi will also be a good fit for any manager who doesn't want to deal with the hassle of coding and keeping track of physical badges.

The Best Access Control System

Hopefully, this Kisi and Infinias access control review has made the choice much clearer. If you work with a physical security system that has digital components, they will need some kind of access control system to help manage location access.

The Infinias access control system is functional, but a little bit less flexible for administrators than some of the leading brands. Some features — like elevator control and cloud management — are only available with certain packages. Kisi, on the other hand, takes advantage of recent developments in security and connectivity technology to eliminate the need for physical badges and make the management of large sites easier.

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