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Openpath Cloud-Based Access Control Features

Openpath is an access control provider with a suite of hardware and software products, which includes door readers, access panels, mobile access apps and a management dashboard. It’s popular for modern offices, and cardholders don’t need to use a traditional key card to enter through access points; rather, they can use their mobile phones or even their smartwatches to gain entry. When you’re making the decision between access control companies, the choice can be difficult, so read on to find out more about Openpath and its competitors.

Finding Access Control Providers

Access control allows facilities to monitor who is allowed to enter their space, and Openpath can be a great solution for offices that prioritize both ease of use and physical security. When compared to older access control companies, Openpath’s offerings make more sense for offices that want to appear more sleek and streamlined. However, competitors like Kisi also offer a great deal of functionality as well.

Looking for an alternative to Openpath?

1. Trust IT-grade hardware

Openpath's reader communicates via RS-485 directly to the control panel and supports standards like Wiegand.

Wiring with Openpath hardware

The Kisi Reader Pro has fully online firmware allows real time Over-The-Air (OTA) updates. Beyond that all data coming from a Kisi reader will run through your firewall so you have absolute control should any anomalies appear. Check out Kisi's reader here.

2. Best-in-Class Mobile Apps for Access Control

Openpath's Android App has over 5000 downloads and a rating of 2.8. (last fetched October 14th)

Openpath iOS App and Android App:

openpath pricing
Openpath Android App
Openpath iOS App

Comparing that to the Kisi application which has 50,000+ installs and a rating of 4.6. Both apps are built natively, which means they leverage all possibilities the respective hardware allows.

kisi Android App downloads

3. Trust Solid Technology

If you use Kisi, limited connectivity (or not having internet) is not a problem — users can use the mobile app from their phones can even when they're offline!

4. Openpath Pricing

Currently Openpath does not publish any pricing information on their website.

Comparing Software and Hardware

Openpath's reader communicates via RS-485 directly to its control panel. It also supports other standards like Wiegand, meaning that it has solid performance and specs. Openpath is designed to be used both with its own proprietary software as well as other integrations. Comparing that to Kisi's Reader Pro, however, its fully online firmware allows real time over the air (OTA) updates, giving it a competitive edge against Openpath. Beyond that, all data coming from any of Kisi's readers will run through your firewall so you can have absolute control should any anomalies appear, such as in the event of an alarm or an emergency. Because of this, Kisi works well for both large and small spaces and allows for easier integration. Check out Kisi's reader here.

Comparing Mobile Apps for Access Control

As of October 2019, Openpath's Android app had about 5000 downloads and featured a rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars. It has standard functionality and a basic home screen that allows easy use. Kisi's Android app had over 50,000 installs and an average rating of 4.6 stars, outpacing Openpath in both categories. Boasting a sleek design, Kisi also makes use a breeze. Both are native apps, which means that all the possibilities the respective hardware allows are leveraged.

Key Takeaways

Choosing an access control system can be a lengthy process, especially in a market that features such dynamic brands and manufacturers. The modern office requires access control that is both effective and flexible, and both Openpath and Kisi fit that description.