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March 29, 2018
Genetec Global Access Pricing

Review of Genetec


In contrast to proprietary enterprise access control solutions, Genetec works in an ecosystem of access control providers, delivering the following hardware products from multiple manufacturers to its customers.

It offers multiple physical security solutions such as, access control system (ACS), video management system (VMS) and auto license plate recognition (ALPR). All these solutions are related to management and security access to a place, building or infrastructures. 

Genetec integrations
Access Control Integrations by Genetec


Genetec offers a wide range of products for different product lines including Synergis access control system. The major products offered under the Genetec Synergis access control product line are listed below:

  • IP based intelligent locks
  • IP door controllers, 
  • HID cards
  • HID mobile application
  • Cloud link appliance
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled Edge devices 

These are the various products within each product line:

  • Controllers - HID EDGE, VertX EVO (V1000 and V2000) controllers, and Mercury Security EP (EP2500, EP1501 (PoE), EP1502, and EP4502) panels.
  • Wired, wireless and PoE electronic locks from the supported brands SALTO SALLIS, and ASSA ABLOY Aperio, Sargent Corbin Russwin, Allegion Schlage and SimonsVoss SmartIntego.
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) enabled door access devices, including Synergis Cloud Link, HID EDGE EVO, ASSA ABLOY PoE locks, or the Axis A1001 door controller.
  • Interface modules
  • Reader modules
  • Input and output modules
  • Small and large enclosures and power supplies (for up to 4 or for up to 8 readers, which can be pre-assembled or empty)

The Synergis System access control products are integrated with the Security Center client interface and the Security Center servers via the Synergis Cloud Link appliance.

Other than above listed products, Genetec also offers the products from its other partners that are 100% compatible with the comprehensive Genetec access control solutions. 

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Here are some key features of Genetec:

  1. Unified Solution: It uses cloud access control system to synch its solutions in line of the modern trends of technologies based on the cloud. The cloud access control system can easily be used through mobile apps or web apps from anywhere and anytime across the globe. This feature allows all existing access systems located at different locations to integrate through cloud link device 
  2. Highly Featured Access Management: The management of the entire access system offers numerous functions, features and capabilities that are very necessary for modern mission critical security system. It offers different levels of authorities, time zoning, area zoning, event-based access, task based access control and many other such kinds of features such as automated door schedules, group based access etc. 
  3. Conformability: One of the most important features of the Genetec access control system is that it can integrate with all existing security systems through compatible devices. Thus, Genetec keeps your access control expenditures under control too. 
  4. Comprehensive Security Insight: You can have access to detailed reporting and events along with the visuals of events, if integrated with the security cameras. This feature makes it more useful in the installations and buildings of related to government and security organizations. 

Mobile and Cloud Access Component

The Genetec Synergis is developed as a cloud solution, where the chosen hardware and software are connected to the IP network via the Synergis Cloud Link appliance.

Synergis Cloud Link is an IP-ready and PoE-enabled intelligent appliance that can manage up to 32 downstream RS-485 devices, 64 readers, 256 locks, 250,000 cardholders and 150,000 offline events.

Access Control-as-a-service
‍Cloud-based access control is also called Access Control-as-a-service

The mobile access is enabled as an integration via the partners in the ecosystem. For example, HID Mobile Access is set and granted from the main user desktop interface. The authorizing person needs to input user mobile credentials, get a code and email the code to the user. The user is then prompted to download the HID Mobile Access app and paste the code into the relevant box, after what the authorization is activated and the mobile user can start applying the access control privileges.

Using Its Mobile Access System

HID mobile access
Mobile Access System

To use mobile access system, you need to download an app on your mobile. Registered credentials are required to enter into the mobile application; once it is verified from the central security center, your mobile device turns as mobile HID key. You can use your mobile as a key on the door controllers to get access to the desired area or building. 

Types of organisations Genetec is best suited for

Genetec is best suited for small and medium-sized businesses that want to remain mobile and free to change requirements in line with business needs, without being overburdened with long-term software licenses. However, it also works for larger organizations, especially for those that need to manage substantial amounts of data, (such as airports, education facilities, train and transit platforms, financial institutions and retailers) but don’t have the physical capacity or the authorization to hold data in the required ways.   

Because it works in a wide partner network based on PoE, the Genetec enterprise access control software is convenient for rapidly changing budgetary needs of companies that can’t spare too much on robust on-site infrastructure.

Genetec provides unification of video surveillance, automatic license plate recognition with the Synergis system, making the platform appropriate for all businesses that have strict security requirements.

In one sentence, Genetec provides Access-Control-as-a-Service.

Pros of using Genetec for access control

  • Genetec is Homeland Security-certified, which means it can be used for highest security priorities.
  • The unified access control system includes cyber-security threat protection and monitoring critical tasks from a single location.
  • Users can choose the favorite access control hardware from a variety of options.

Cons of using Genetec for access control

  • Genetec does not own a proprietary mobile access control solution; it is provided by the third-party partners in the ecosystem.
  • Multiple integrations with different hardware can slow down processes or affect other business applications.

What are the alternatives?

For further information about access control costs involved, take a look at our article on access control systems installation costs.

If you are looking for an alternative to Genetec, see how Kisi works here.

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