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S2 Security

Company Overview

S2 Security was founded by former SoftwareHouse veteran John Moss. Because of its ability to deliver a highly technical solution, the system is used by many technology companies. One of the technology brand’s recent projects is the development of the Magic Monitor, which unifies access control, video surveillance, forensics, digital signage, and live Internet feeds in a single client. The integration of physical access and video is certainly one of S2's strong points.

The company is also skilled at integrating, allowing for easy scalability and allows users to avoid the hassle of replacing all of their existing equipment. This factor is normally not on the evaluation list of a company, but it helps to get the job done successfully. S2 products are the access control and video management systems of choice for many Fortune 500 companies, as well as buyers from the education, health care, manufacturing, and government sectors around the world. Other markets include pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, and technology.

Looking for an alternative?

Kisi's Cloud Based Physical Access Control System operates purely in the cloud, making it easy to set up and highly scalable as you expand.

Admins are able to easily establish granular controls with group, user and time-based restrictions -- just to name a few. End users have a range of unlocking options, including mobile apps available on Android and iOS, key cards and fobs.

S2 Security Hardware

S2 Security access control solutions include the following features, which can be used on their own or as part of a bigger system:

  • Web-based Interface
  • Customizable monitoring displays
  • Automated administrative system management
  • Event management
  • Data management and reporting
  • Identity management
  • Legacy system upgrades
  • Cloud technology

S2 Access Control Major Features

As stated above, S2 Security puts a large emphasis on the ability to integrate equipment into a larger system that is also provided by the company. While any space could use just one piece of the S2 system, the company makes it easy to create a large security network with minimal effort on the part of the facility. Spaces can integrate credential-based intrusion detection, video security applications, and access control. This is an advantage that few access control brands offer, with some notable exceptions. The command module displays access control events and stores them for customized reporting, allowing users to keep up with everything that’s happening inside their facilities.

It’s also easy to be truly cloud-based with S2, making management and system maintenance easier for administrators. Checking in on your system or any alarms, for example, is as easy as logging into a web browser. If you are looking for S2 security dealers or their price list, the best option is to request a custom quote on their website, which will take a little bit of time.

Advantages of S2 Security

  • Mobile app: You can control your system from your mobile device, which makes management much easier with increased accessibility. This is one of the best features a modern access control system can have.
  • Legacy integration: S2 Security equipment works with existing Mercury, Casi-Rusco and Honeywell hardware, meaning that facilities won’t have to replace their existing systems in a costly upgrade.
  • Whole system integration: From one command module, users can control credential-based intrusion detection, video security applications and access control, making security a breeze.

Disadvantages of S2 Security

  • Not cloud-based: Unlike other, modern access control systems, S2 Security is not entirely cloud-based, meaning that it is not completely controllable by mobile devices. As companies expand, cloud-based software makes seamless growing much easier.
  • No listed prices: Unfortunately, there is no section on their website that explains pricing. Potential customers will have to request a quote instead, adding time to the process of picking a security system.
  • Unsafe internet: The web solution works with HTTP alone, not HTTPS, meaning that the highest possible standard of internet security is simply not available for S2 users. This is an odd choice for the company and one that could be incredibly important down the line for high-security facilities.


S2 Security comes with great credentials and a pedigree of success. For companies that need reliable access control, it’s a solid choice with plenty of bonus features and abilities, especially ones that increase physical security. However, a lack of transparent pricing and a system that runs on HTTP might mean that S2 Security is not the best solution for every client.

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