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Bosch Access Control Review and Pricing

Company Overview

Manufacturing titan Bosch is best known for making all kinds of electronics, so it makes sense that they would also get into the access control market as well. They offer a wide range of products and solutions, and an advantage of the Bosch name comes in the fact that many of its products can work together, meaning that access control systems can combine with other security measures.

Bosch Security Systems is a worldwide company that specializes in security and communications products. Bosch focuses on video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, fire detection, and voice alarms. They work with local partners to service their international customer base to deliver and implement on complex projects. Bosch's application areas span a wide range, including places like airports, railways, stadium and convention centers, energy and utility facilities, education, government, banking, hotels and even city surveillance.

Bosch Hardware

Bosch access control solutions include the following pieces of technology, which can be used alone or as part of a larger, more complex system:

  • Access control panels
  • Modular controllers
  • Biometric readers
  • PIN-only readers
  • Building integration systems
  • Request to exit accessories
  • Backup batteries
  • Security cameras
  • Magnetic mounts

Major Features

Some of the most important features on Bosch products include video integration, intrusion monitoring, remote access, report generation, alarm notification, multiple access modes and advanced I/O programming. With video inputs from Bosch security cameras, creating an entire system is painless and remarkably easy, though it could be pricey. New controller and panel models connect to the cloud, making Bosch an IP-based access system. Bosch presents a wide array of options to its customers, making it one of the more dynamic access control solutions on the market.

Readers are designed to read PINs, biometric credentials, and proximity cards. Access Professional Edition is its proprietary web software that gives managers the ability to customize their system video verification, alarm verification, intrusion system management, and the ability to adjust cardholder privileges. Also listed are magnetic contacts and mounts, request-to-exit buttons, back-up batteries, professional access control software, readers and access cards.

Advantages of Bosch

  • Track record of success: Bosch got to be such a major player in the world market through innovative products and powerful designs. It’s a company that can invest itself in great pieces of hardware and software.
  • Easy integration: Bosch access control hardware can be combined easily with other pieces of Bosch hardware and software, including security cameras and alarm systems.
  • Biometric credentials: A powerful tool to defend any facilities, biometric identification cuts down on false entries. This helps verify that the person with a certain access badge is actually who they claim to be.

Disadvantages of Bosch

  • Huge company: Because Bosch is a major conglomerate, the company is less likely to be as attentive to access control customers as other companies in the same space. The level of care and support will not be the same.
  • Confusing pricing: Bosch products must be purchased after requesting a quote, which add time to the ordering and installation process. It’s an extra step that should not be necessary.
  • Third-party dealers: On top of a quote-based pricing system, Bosch also sells its products through area-specific dealers, adding more confusion to the process. This could inflate prices and means that facilities must rely on third-party installers to do the work that another access control company might do on its own.


In the commercial space, Bosch Security Systems mainly means the Bosch Fire Alarm. However, all of its access control products are made well and should last a long time. IP-based functionality also adds more value to the entire system, and easy integration with other products is a bonus. However, higher costs and a lack of dedicated service could add layers of difficulty for customers that value one-on-one time and lots of guidance.

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