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Kisi increases safety and convenience by unlocking gates directly from the Apple CarPlay dashboard

Read how Kisi access control users can now unlock garages, gates, and any other doors through Apple CarPlay, increasing safety while driving.

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Car interior close up on an Apple CarPlay Dashboard with Kisi access control icon

Updated on January 25, 2024

Written by Katalin Haverinen-Varga

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Conventional garage door openers often rely on a separate remote or smartphone app, introducing inconvenience when misplaced or during challenging driving conditions. This not only poses a logistical hassle but also raises concerns about safety, as drivers may find themselves distracted or delayed in critical moments, compromising their safety and that of those around them.

To help connect people and spaces safely and seamlessly, Kisi now integrates with Apple CarPlay. This means, Kisi users can now unlock garages, gates, and any other door through Apple CarPlay, eliminating the need to reach for their remote controls or iPhones while on the move. This not only eliminates the hassle of traditional methods but also significantly increases safety for those inside the car and the surrounding environment, ensuring a more secure and focused driving experience.

Seamlessly integrate Kisi with Apple CarPlay #

Simply install the Kisi iOS app on your iPhone and sign in on your mobile. Once signed in, the Kisi icon will appear on your CarPlay dashboard.

Kisi access control app on the Apple CarPlay Dashboard

Remotely unlock doors from CarPlay #

Once in the Kisi app, you will find a list of your favorite doors. Simply tap on the gate or garage door to open it.

Kisi favorite doors on the Apple CarPlay Dashboard

Furthermore, the app provides access to all Kisi places and the associated doors where access has been granted. This ensures a comprehensive overview and efficient management of authorized access points within the Kisi ecosystem.

Kisi places screen on the Apple CarPlay Dashboard
Kisi available doors to unlock on the Apple CarPlay Dashboard

Keep yourself and others safe #

Kisi's CarPlay integration takes security to the next level. With the ability to unlock remotely with just a simple tap from the car’s dashboard, Kisi eliminates the need for distractions, ensuring that your safety and that of others are never compromised.

Try it out now! #

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