What is a Duress Alarm?

A duress alarm is a kind of mobile device used to keep track of people. These alarms are not targeted towards buildings or objects, but rather focus on the safety of an individual. They can be used to track people’s whereabouts, check up their well-being, or used as an alert when in dangerous situations.

Duress alarm systems consist of wireless mobile devices that keep people in touch with others. These devices generally have a very simple design to serve a straightforward purpose. While different alarms feature unique buttons or layouts, the main idea is to have an emergency button to press in stressful situations.

This will then alert whoever is on the other end of the alarm and they can get help. Duress alarms can also be used to track the whereabouts of people and allow them to check in regularly. Different workers, and people who are often in potentially risky situations, will carry around a duress alarm to help keep track of their whereabouts for safety purposes.

What are the Different Types of Duress Alarms

Duress alarms vary according to the kind of situation they will be used in. In the most common and simple form, a duress alarm features an emergency button. This button can be hit in times of need to alert responders on the other end of the alarm. Responders can then use the duress alarm to locate the person in danger and then help them.

Other duress alarms feature a two-way system. This means that those with the alarm can check in with people on the other end, and visa-versa. This is often used in situations where workers will need to check in with headquarters while out on the job.

Two other features found on duress alarms are a “no response” feature and a “man down” button. No response alerts will occur when the person equipped with the alarm doesn’t respond in a certain period of time. This will then alert the headquarters of their absence. A man down feature will alert the other end of the alarm if someone is unconscious or incapacitated. This will signal for help.

Duress Alarm Buttons
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How Does a Duress Button Work

A duress alarm will generally be activated via a button. This button will be linked to a monitoring center that will provide a duress alert when someone presses the button. These buttons vary for each device.

You can activate the alarm manually, automatically (common in a man down alert), silently, or audibly. As soon as the button is activated, it sends a signal to the monitoring center or headquarters. This notifies them of the location of the alarm and what kind of situation it is.

When Should You Use a Duress Alarm

Duress alarms are utilized across many different industries and scenarios. They are most commonly found as panic or emergency buttons. Workers can use a duress alarm in any environment that poses potential threats or dangers.

Duress alarms are commonly found in hospitals, nursing homes, and medical facilities. This is to ensure that patients can get immediate help if something were to happen to them while by themselves.

You will also find these systems in industrial and factory environments, municipal buildings, and government facilities. Security guards that patrol regular routes may also use duress alarms to keep people in touch with their location and alert their fellow guards if they get into a bad situation.

Duress alarms are very useful to have in any situation where there is potential harm to an individual as they can alert other people and get help as soon as possible.

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