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15 Best Door And Window Sensor Alarms Of 2023

Door and window sensors are must-have security solutions for businesses. Burglaries are an unfortunate event that busine

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15 Best Door And Window Sensor Alarms Of 2023

Updated on April 20, 2023

Written by Bernhard Mehl

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Door and window sensors are must-have security solutions for businesses. Burglaries are an unfortunate event that businesses need to protect against in order to prevent some sort of financial loss should one occur.

What Are Door And Window Sensor Alarms?

They are devices that are installed on doors and windows to detect the presence of intruders. If a thief is attempting to open a door or a window on your property, these sensors can trigger a siren, a flashlight, a phone call, or a combination of these.

Door and window sensor alarms consist of 2 components – one attaches to the door or window itself while the other attaches to the frame. The 2 components should be placed next to each other so that when the door or window is forcefully opened, they can send a signal to trigger the alarm.

There are various types of door and window alarms. Surface contact sensors and vented window sensors use magnets to detect the motion of doors and windows. Recessed contact sensors and vanishing sensors are barely visible.

Additionally, door sensor alarms can be classified into two categories, namely door-open alarms and door-forced-open alarms. Door-open alarms activate when the intruder opens and holds the door for a specific amount of time.

Door-forced-open alarms are triggered when the intruder opens the door forcefully. For example, if the door requires an access card and the thief tries to use physical strength to open it, the alarm will trigger.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Door And Window Sensor Alarms?

Collect insights

Aside from being connected to an alarm system, door and window sensors can provide real-time data on accesses and space utilization. You can for instance know if a door is left open by an employee, or if all doors are night are closed and locked.

Preventing thefts

Door and window sensor alarms help to improve the security at your office. When an intruder tries to open the doors or windows of your building, the alarm will be activated. The loud noise generated from the alarm can cause the thief to panic and not proceed further into your building.

Achieving peace of mind

These sensors help you to have peace of mind at night, on weekends, or if you are traveling abroad. When an alarm is activated, you or the security company will receive a notification. Then you can ensure that proper security measures will be taken in case of a burglary.

Move physical security to the cloud

Learn about smart alarms systems with our guide.

15 Best Door And Window Sensor Alarms Of 2023

Kisi Wireless Sensor

Kisi's sensors are different from traditional contact sensors thanks to the following features.

Real-time door status: Kisi’s cloud mesh technology allows the sensor to connect to the new Kisi Reader Pro.

Long-lasting: typically cloud-connected sensors offer a battery lifetime of up to a year. Kisi's sensors reach a battery lifetime of 5-10 years and provide remote battery status in case you run low.

Enterprise-grade security: all data sent by the wireless sensor is encrypted and authenticated.

Unique design: extremely compact and sleek design that perfectly fits any environment.

Deploy in minutes: simply attach the sensor to the door, use the unique token to assign to a place and a reader, and start streaming data right away.

Nest Detect Sensor

The Nest Detect Sensor is easy to install – you only need to stick the sensor on your doors or windows. It can detect movement with a 16 feet perimeter and it comes for only $49.

ADT Systems

ADT sensors are professionally monitored 24/7 and allow you to receive automated mobile notifications when an intruder tries to open your doors or windows.

Ring Alarm Contact Sensor

Ring is a well-known brand for providing smart access and security solutions that are suitable for small businesses. This sensitive motion-detecting sensor is easily installed. It sends you mobile notifications if intruders are breaking into your building.

Samsung SmartThings Sensor

The Samsung SmartThings door or window sensor detects when a door or window is opened and alerts you. This is very useful for notifying you about a potential burglary at your business premises.

Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor

The Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor is excellent for businesses as it is compatible with multiple systems and can trigger automatic security protocols.


This sensor has 4 volume settings and 52 alert tones, allowing you to set different alert tones for different areas in your building. It offers an integrated LED light alert for people who have auditory impairments and it detects movement with a range of 400 feet.

Secrui Door Chime Sensor

The Secrui Door Chime Sensor Alarm can detect movement within a 500 feet range and offers 32 chimes. It has a high loudness level of 110 decibels which can be heard from a very far distance.


The Ecolink Z-Wave Plus is a top-rated window or door sensor alarm. It consists of rare earth magnets that can accommodate up to a 5 to 8-inch gap between the sensor and the magnet. This makes it suitable for commercial buildings. It is compatible with Samsung SmartThings and Z-wave hubs, thus providing an interconnected secure environment.

GE Deluxe Wireless Alarm

This GE door alarm is perfect for offices as it features a security keypad and 120-decibel alarm. This loud alarm will help to deter intruders. It can also be used as an entry chime to alert you when someone walks into your business.

Doberman Mini-Alarm

The Doberman Mini-Alarm does not require a central control system, is easy to install, and can be used anywhere. The alarm produces a loud noise of 100 decibels which can be heard from far away.

YoLink Smart Door Sensors

These sensors have a long-range and can alert you when someone opens your door or a window. They have long battery life and are compatible with Alexa.


Lifeshield provides a more comprehensive security solution. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and comes with 6 window and door sensors. You can connect your smart device and monitor your building from anywhere.

Insteon Sensor

The Insteon Sensor can detect movement within a range of 150 feet and can monitor whether doors and windows are open or closed. It also allows you to control lights if you link them to the Insteon Hub.

iClever Door And Window Sensor

This smart sensor is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. It monitors your windows and doors 24/7 and alerts you when a sensor is triggered.


Door and window sensor alarms offer several benefits for businesses. Combined with other security measures like access control or surveillance, these sensors can help make your facility safer and alert you to any breaches.

Bernhard Mehl

Bernhard is the co-founder and CEO of Kisi. His philosophy, "security is awesome," is contagious among tech-enabled companies.

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