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What is SpaceOS about?

SpaceOS is a mobile and web-based workspace management platform that is specialized for coworking spaces, but it also provides functionalities for any other community space where people and businesses meet to share and collaborate, especially for smart real estate.

Users who get access to the platform can use all amenities from a specific workspace location, such as get inside access, book a desk, book a conference room, order meals from the food and drinks points integrated into the app and get in touch with each other community members to start projects and complete jobs.

SpaceOS is created for coworking space management
‍SpaceOS is created for coworking space management

What are its main features?

Designers, entrepreneurs, and engineers that use the Space OS app use their smartphones as a type of “remote control” to manage every aspect of their working day. Available services are separated into six sub-components - Community Network, Merchants Network, Management Tools, Resource Booking, Sensor and Access Control, and Integrated POS.

Consequently, SpaceOS provides the complete infrastructure for modern dynamic workspaces, including:

  • Integrated food ordering from nearby cafeterias and restaurants, directly from the user’s mobile app
  • Finding tenants with specific skills
  • Booking meeting rooms and conference rooms
  • Access control with integration possibilities
  • Community platform
  • Real-time desk booking for timely planning
  • Holistic management system, including:
  • Membership plans
  • Contracts
  • Integrated payments
  • Invoicing
  • Option to upsell services and supplies.
  • Creating merchant networks with local suppliers

Additionally, SpaceOS is a smart technology, creating smart buildings and smart offices by letting workspaces turn the physical spaces into digital assets.

Smart building management
Smart building management‍

How is it different from other workplace tools? (e.g. IBM Tririga, hippo cmms, servicechannel)

ServiceOS is the most specific workspace management tools when compared to the competitors, because it’s focused on coworking spaces. Its two most notable case studies include coworking spaces with large surface areas in New York and Warsaw, which makes the software platform ideal for managing large coworking people communities.

SpaceOS software
‍SpaceOS software is ideal for managing larger coworking communities

The software has strong focus on the individual user, unlike most of the other options, that are primarily enterprise solutions and don’t have functionalities that are as specific as for a coworking office. It has fewer features than the feature-loaded Corrigo, IBM Tririga and Service Channel, but they are more tailored for managing shared offices. Hippo CMMS, Corrigo and Service Channel are enterprise facility management tools that are more appropriate for industries like retail, hospitality, utilities, food and beverage, construction, real estate, healthcare, and sports and recreation. They also provide more functional support.

Does it offer an API? Does it offer specific integrations with other apps?

Space OS already includes a number of access control integrations, such as Kisi, Salto and Kiwiki and extra possibilities for integration with local area merchants, cafeterias and restaurants. By integrating, the service providers create smart networks, a complete supply chain infrastructure around the property, and make a step forward toward smart cities. There is an iOS app and a working version of an Android app

What are the pricing options?

The mobile apps are free. There is no specific pricing information for the software, more details are available upon request.

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