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360 Facility

What is 360 Facility about?

360 facility is a cloud-based workplace asset management platform with primary focus on facility management and real estate management. It helps businesses and real estate owners cut down costs by automating facility and maintenance processes and by enabling team collaboration of all stakeholders, including service providers and tenants.

Workplace automation helps businesses cut down costs
‍Workplace automation helps businesses cut down costs

What are its main features?

360 Facility is a SaaS solution which provides capital, resource, and market planning capabilities. To help procurement and construction activities, 360 Facility automates lease accounting and lease administration, as well all several aspects of property management, including projects, field services, facility and assets, space planning, site selection and space management.

Some of the specific features available to users include:

  • Automated submission of building service requests.
  • Access control.
  • Preventative maintenance, planning, and prioritization.
  • Resource records.
  • Labor and services cost calculation.
  • Direct document collaboration - contracts and certificates.
  • Vendor management.
  • Real-time dashboard reports filtered by type, location, and responsibility.

The software also supports smart building management with the help of energy and sustainability features and industrial IoT. The reporting is based on a business analytics concept which means that it collects data and issues reports during the whole activity lifecycle.

360 Facility supports industrial IoT
‍360 Facility supports industrial IoT

How is it different from other workplace tools? (e.g. IBM Tririga, hippo cmms, servicechannel)

In contrast to other workplace management softwares, 360 Facility has an IoT component and is, above all, purposed for providing combined automation of facility and real estate management processes, supporting easier communication between tenants and landlords.

360 Facility is specialized for specific industries. Typical users are found in the corporate, education, healthcare, manufacturing and distribution, public sector, retail, telecommunications and utilities industries.

360 Facility provides healthcare automation
‍360 Facility provides healthcare automation

Products are also industry-specific. For example, 360 Facility provides implementation, managed services and training services, but in contrast to IBM Tririga, doesn’t offer and on-site option and can be adapted to serve each of the above mentioned specific industries. Otherwise, they are very similar. Hippo CMMS has less features/products, but it provides onsite audits, serves some additional industries like sports and recreation, hotels, restaurants, food and beverage and has 3 clearly-priced subscription packages:

  • Hippo Lite - $45 per month
  • Hip Pro - $165 per month
  • Hip Pro Plus - $195 per month.

Therefore, Accruent seems more enterprise-oriented while Hippo is also applicable to smaller users. Service Channel also has a focus on some other industries (finance, supermarket, spa and fitness), as well as a greater focus on automating service requests and maintenance, but also more accounting/cost analytics options.

Does it offer an API? Does it offer specific integrations with other apps?

360 Facility is not strictly built to support API integrations, as it is more of a centralized platform for separate brands and products that work under the Accruent brand, most probably including APIs for separate work processes, but also distinct partnerships, even acquisitions. For example, BlueCielo, one of the partners is the provider of services connecting maintenance and engineering, concurrent plant modifications and improved data handover. The acquired vendor Serraview supports agile work environments on a shared neighborhood principle. Another recent acquisition, Maintenance Connection, a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) supports work order management, preventative maintenance, predictive asset maintenance, and enterprise assets management and inventory. It’s a cloud service - users log in via the user screen and choose which products they want to buy and use.

What are the pricing options?

The pricing is a subscription-based model and depends on the products customers choose. There are over 30 specific products, so there is no one-size-fits-all price.

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