Secure spaces and prevent tailgating

Add Kisi’s video management system with tailgating detection and operational insights to your existing systems.

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Add another layer of security with video

Prevent tailgating


Detect threats like tailgating in real-time. Our platform alerts you of any suspicious activity so you can address incidents quickly and efficiently.

Optimize operations


Gain access to new video and photo data that allows you to optimize operations, uncover trends, and make informed decisions.

Scale with your needs


Our platform is infinitely scalable and can handle all your simultaneous camera feeds. Deploy quickly by integrating existing cameras with your Kisi access control system.

Prevent tailgating with Kisi

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    Leverage existing IP cameras

    Gain relevant business insights and increase your security using your existing security cameras. Enable cameras to notify you of important events and filter through critical events in real time.

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    Reduce cloud video storage costs

    Minimize cloud-stored events. Condense all security-related access events with the Kisi Video Management System.

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    Vision-based insights

    Compare tailgating events with unlocks powered by vision-based insights. Identify trends and vulnerabilities in your security. Measure the impact of security policy changes by comparing historical data within the dashboard.

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