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VSaaS 101: Need-to-Know Basics of Video Surveillance as a Service

VSaaS is a growing market that sends and stores footage from on-site video cameras to the cloud.

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Video Surveillance as a Service

Updated on December 01, 2022

Written by Kayla Matthews

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If you're interested in improving the security of your premises with a video surveillance system but want to reduce the amount of equipment investment, the VSaaS (video surveillance as a service) model is well worth a look. Here's an overview that explains why it's such an appealing option for many business owners. If you want to skip and see directly what are the best security camera brands for your business, click the link.

What Is VSaaS? #

VSaaS is a video surveillance solution that involves keeping the video in the cloud. The alternative is to have an on-premises setup whereby you use a recordable medium such as a hard disk to store the captured video footage. In the case of VSaaS, the main pieces of physical equipment are the internet protocol (IP) cameras that record things and send the data to the cloud.

Also, remember that the full, non-acronym name of this technology is video surveillance as a service. The "as a service" part refers to the fact that you pay a fee to get particular benefits from the cloud company that's storing and managing the video. For example, the package you buy may enable remote viewing on an unlimited number of devices as long as you download a complementing app.

Another perk associated with many VSaaS companies is the option to receive real-time alerts of possible problems. Companies typically offer the choice to have such notifications sent to your smartphone, an email address, or both.

Which VSaaS Technologies Do You Need to Use This Option? #

VSaaS is an appealing choice because it does not require you to have a specialized video management system (VMS) to see or store video content. The three main components you need are the IP cameras, an internet connection and an active subscription to a VSaaS plan.

There's no need to invest in on-site video recording software. The provider you choose takes care of that necessity. The main thing you have to figure out is where to place your IP cameras for the best results.

However, there may be complementing VSaaS technologies working in the background, made available by your chosen provider. For example, Camio is a company that used artificial intelligence (AI) to help a real estate company program 24,000 video streams to deliver the highest business value while reducing costs.

AI is not yet widely used in the VSaaS space, but it could become more prominent as new ways to utilize it become apparent. One of the convenient things about VSaaS technologies is that as they improve, you should be able to enjoy them through your provider and won't need to buy new equipment to avail of them.

Once you have the cameras, an internet connection and the service package from your provider, all the technological updates get rolled out in the background. You'll likely receive updates about new feature releases and can download them on your preferred schedule. Some providers also automatically push the latest content to you over a functional internet connection.

What Are the Benefits of VSaaS? #

Before choosing a new security solution, you'd understandably want to know about the perks associated with it. Here are some associated with VSaaS:

More Flexibility #

When you're a VSaaS subscriber, it's typically possible to add or remove cameras depending on your company's needs. Also, providers often have different plans you can choose from, each one with various features. Since companies frequently give a pay-as-you-go option rather than requiring you to sign up for a long-term agreement, it's easy to change your subscription as your firm's needs evolve.

Better Security #

Security is a top-of-mind concern for most company representatives that are thinking about implementing new technology. The positive thing about VSaaS is that it's a cloud-based solution, and the cloud is demonstrably safer than many on-premise solutions. Also, if you need a particular type or amount of security to comply with things such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a VSaaS provider may help.

Access VSaaS Technologies From Anywhere #

The consistent access provided by a VSaaS option is another thing that makes it appealing. For example, a security professional could keep monitoring a property even while they're out of the country on a business trip. Many types of VSaaS software launch in a standard web browser, enabling authorized users to view camera feeds from wherever they are.

Retrieve Footage As Needed #

There are often search fields associated with a platform for VSaaS, meaning you could type in a keyword phrase like "front entrance" or choose a time and date range to narrow down the options when looking for something specific. Be sure to get clarification from your provider about how long it keeps the footage before deleting it.

Share Video With Others #

A VSaaS platform often has a sharing feature where you can distribute clips to other parties, such as law enforcement personnel or security staff members who are working at locations in other parts of the country. Then, getting input from those professionals is more straightforward when determining what happened, or whether you need to increase security at a particular access point.

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What's the State of the Video Surveillance as a Service Market? #

You could arguably say the VSaaS market was born from a demand for better and more accessible video surveillance solutions. Business owners know that having continual footage of what's happening on their properties can help them keep employees and customers safer, thereby reducing their liability if things go wrong. Plus, advances in cloud computing made VSaaS possible.

If you're still unsure about whether to choose this kind of solution for your business, you might want evidence that VSaaS is not just a fad that will soon disappear. Forecasts from market analysts show you don't need to worry about that.

For example, Allied Market Research examined the IP video surveillance and VSaaS market from the period between 2018-2026. It expects it to reach a worth of $52.98 billion by 2026, representing a 12.9% combined annual growth rate during that span.

Those results indicate that people are getting on board with VSaaS, meaning now is an excellent time for you to see if it's the right solution, too.

VSaaS Is Worth Paying Attention to in the Coming Years #

Whether you're in the market for a video surveillance solution now or just want to stay abreast of what the market offers, don't overlook VSaaS. It deserves attention due to the many reasons mentioned here.

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