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Angus Anywhere

Angus Anywhere Systems

Angus Anywhere consists of a powerful web-based commercial building management platform operating from the cloud and a mobile based application. You can manage, access and modify the all building management processes through both the web browser and mobile app anytime from anywhere in the world.

You can accomplish the following processes of commercial building operations with the help of Angus AnyWhere Software Platform:

  • Managing the preventive maintenance schedule of components of building automation
  • Managing secure access control of the building area
  • Managing quick alert and warning systems to the concerned teams
  • Managing professional building audits
  • Managing effective communication between teams, building occupants and vendors
  • Managing optimized work orders for the building maintenance, responsibility tracking and billing related matters
  • Managing independent facility management processes through the integration and interoperability with the help of other major tools

Main Features of Angus Anywhere

The platform is a highly featured and professional grade building management software with the below mentioned salient features:

main feature
‍ Main Features of Angus AnyWhere
  • A comprehensive platform for the professional-level commercial facility management
  • Powered by both mobile app and web-based cloud platform
  • Highly secure, robust and reliable
  • Very intuitive and easy to use
  • Better for all size facilities, especially for large commercial facilities
  • Offers the branded portal for online service management
  • Offers a deeper insight through data analytics, detailed reports and powerful dashboard to create a great user experience
  • Offers professional grade physical access control capability through access card management (ACM)
  • Highly effective facility maintenance scheduling capabilities, such as preventive maintenance, recurring maintenance, technical inspections and corrective maintenance
  • Offers organized communication between the stakeholders
  • Simplified and transparent amenity booking online system
  • Great interoperability capability to plug into a number of third party platforms, such as building automation, access control and other websites

Angus Anywhere's USP

There are many other competitor workplace tools of Angus AnyWhere System available in the marketplace, but Angus stands out of the crowd due the below mentioned features and capabilities.

  • Out of the box reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Unparalleled reliability and scalability proven by over 2 billion square feet of coverage area
  • All-in-one unified commercial facilities management solution
  • Custom billing and technical support powered by the highly skilled team of professionals

Public API and Integrations?

Angus AnyWhere does not offer any public API for the development and integration of custom tools or any other custom solution for any particular customer. But, it offers third party integration capabilities with six major building management tools

With regards to integrations, Angus can integrate with numerous applications. The Angus software can integrate with the following third party building management platforms.

3rd party
‍Third Party Integration Capabilities

Figure 03 Third Party Integration Capabilities

  • Access Control Management System
  • Facility Management System
  • Building Automation System
  • Leasing and Accounting System
  • Energy Management System
  • Customer websites and HR systems

Angus Anywhere Pricing Plans

Angus Anywhere offers unique price plan for every customer based upon its service requirements. So, contact the customer team for more information on pricing plans.

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