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Corrigo CMMS

Corrigo is a mobile and web-based software platform for managing building and facilities operations, including all team members - service providers, technicians, vendors and facility managers, appropriate for single contractors and multinational corporations.

The technology used by Corrigo is process automation and business intelligence, with the primary business purposes being efficiency, asset value optimization, and excellent customer experience. The work order management flow is supported by reactive break-fix, recurring and preventive services management, financial decisions, and strategic planning capabilities.

What are the main features of its app?

Corrigo provides two options - Corigo Pro, intended for service professionals, and Corrigo Enterprise, intended for companies.

With the Corrigo software, users can get access to the following functionalities and benefits:

  • Team management. Overlook people on different locations and roles, including dispatchers, building occupants, service providers, and technicians. High visibility as the work orders get completed.
  • Facility value management. Automated service and maintenance processes with reduced effort, focusing on exceptions rather than on each separate work order. Create, record, dispatch, approve, and invoice work orders in an automated way.
  • Simplified repairs. Preventative maintenance and auto-routing of common tasks to qualified technicians and appropriate vendors.
  • Warranty management. Stop paying for unnecessary warranty work, enable automated warranty management, and see weak points in real-time.
  • Capital planning. Gain insight into repair and replace decisions to maximize savings.
  • Service record management. Maintains asset service records in real-time and get
  • customizable reports. Manage reactive repairs, considering risks and benefits of operational uptime vs. scheduled downtime vs. operational interruptions.
  • Resource benchmarking. Assess and, if necessary, replace providers to get the right mix of service pros and vendors.
  • Geographical comparison. Compare job costs across markets and regions.

List of Corrigo Enterprise features

  1. Approvals & Verifications
  2. Asset Management
  3. Budget to Actual Tracking
  4. Capital Lifecycle Tracking
  5. CorrigoPro Network
  6. Customer Charges
  7. Dispatcher Task Tracking
  8. Document Management
  9. Estimate & Quote Management
  10. Inventory Management
  11. Knowledgebase
  12. Mapping & GPS
  13. Mobile App for Customer Service Requests
  14. Store/Tenant Portals for Online Service Requests
  15. Mobile Inspections Management
  16. Project/Work Plan Management
  17. Scheduling & Dispatch
  18. Provider Invoicing
  19. Provider Insurance & Document Tracking
  20. Provider Sourcing Platform
  21. Provider & Technician Scorecards
  22. Satisfaction Surveys
  23. Scheduled Work Management
  24. SLA Tracking & Alerts
  25. Time & Attendance Management
  26. Warranty Tracking
  27. Work Order Management

List of Corigo Pro features for service providers

  1. More completed work with efficient communication and daily billing.
  2. Team performance management - no paperwork, no clipboards. Instead you get real-time insights from workers and customers, including information about the job time, the start and the beginning of the task for subcontractors.
  3. Faster, more efficient billing - electronic invoices and records simplify payments and bookkeeping.
  4. Access to new customers due to the business exposure you get in the Corrigo network.
  5. Control and visibility of internal and external communications.
  6. Simplified work order validation, avoiding double entries.

What makes it different from other facility management tools?

The platform is very cost-oriented, which means that it provides way to optimize the work order management process via automating, calculating costs, and improving tasks from various processes. Corrigo focuses more on time management and customer service, and includes only online and phone support for users.

It has two separate packages - one for enterprise use with the maximum number of functionalities when compared with the competitors. Applicable to a wide range of industries - including groceries and supermarkets, restaurants, convenience stores, property management, hospitality, and retail, it’s similar to Service Channel. However, it can be used in the public sector for healthcare, education and government services. In this sense, it’s more like IBM Tririga.

Homebuilders and construction workers may be the best-match users, regardless of the size. Although business analytics is available, it seems there is less accent to it. There is a mobile app included, which contractors can use on site.

Does it offer an API and other integrations?

Other than the Corrigo Pro and the Corrigo Enterprise suites, there are not other integrations. It is fully managed by JLL, a global business management solution provider for, which provides even wider scope of services to users in all areas of real estate management.

What about pricing?

Since it can manage more than 1,000 locations and over a 100 technicians, pricing information is available on request.

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