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Facility Management eXpress

Facility Management eXpress (FMX)

FMX, a U.S. based company founded in 2012, is a cloud-based facility management software platform that makes the maintenance of facilities efficient and effective by improving the resource utilization and work order process management. It is a very comprehensive platform, which can be easily accessed through browser at anytime from anywhere across the globe. The use of mobile app is another effective way of better usage of FMX platform remotely.

‍Facility Management Software Interface

With the help of this professional grade platform, you make your facility management so simple and efficient by increasing the team productivity and customer satisfaction. This software is very useful in streamlining different facility management processes, such as a work order process, resource scheduling, maintenance plans, data driven decision making and many others. In short, it helps you reduce the maintenance cost of your facility and improve the user experience.

Key Features of FMX

FMX offers numerous features and capabilities that are required for an effective and robust management of facility operations and security. These features range from simple task allocation capability to a complex customer invoicing and work order processes.

‍Major Features of FMX

The main features of FMX platform are mentioned below:

  • Offers instant work order (WO) and maintenance request (MR) creation
  • Provides full capability of WO and MR monitoring and tracking
  • Better scheduling of planned activities, resources, and events
  • Provides transparent and instant communication between the stakeholders
  • Offers powerful analytics and reporting features
  • Better assets and inventory management capabilities
  • Powerful features for managing the transportation and vehicle fleet
  • Very detailed oriented and clear calendar for better task management
  • Supports professional grade configuration features for customized use of the platform
  • Powerful Restful API for integration different platforms and applications with the FMX software
  • Multiple role-based users allowed with different privileges
  • Easily accessible through the supported web browsers and mobile applications
  • Supports custom workflow modules, such as rent management, quality assurance management, human resource management processes, incident management, preventive maintenance and others


In comparison with other major workplace facility management software tools, FMX platform has the following unique features that are rarely available simultaneously in one platform.

  • Project planning, task planning, electronic ticket management, time tracking, access control and Restful API simultaneously in one platform
  • Thousands of supported apps for different facility management processes and modules
  • Professional grade task prioritizing and data importing capabilities
  • Comparatively easier to use than many other competitor softwares
  • Powerful drill down and analytic capabilities

Public API and Integrations

Yes, it does have an API. The FMX software platform offers a public restful API for the development and integration of different software applications and tools for your custom requirements. This feature allows the company to unleash the power of custom tool development for the business process improvement.

FMX offers integrations too. The FMX software allows thousands of applications to integrate with this platform smoothly and effectively. You can integrate Kisi access control and many other building security related applications smoothly.

Pricing Plan of FMX

The pricing plans of FMX are not displayed on the website. You have to request for a custom quote based on your requirements, by filling up the following request form.

‍Request for Price Quote

A quick search on the web reveal that FMX charges around $125/month as a base price, plus the charges of any additional use of resources and capabilities. You can also get benefits of the 14 day free trial, which does not require any credit card information at all.

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