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IBM Tririga

Features of IBM TRIRIGA:

TRIRIGA has hundreds of metrics that streamline various processes within an organization.

It boasts a full-featured capital project management system that enables users to control projects, communicate with the stakeholders, meet deadlines and stay within budget.

Thanks to TRIRIGA, facilities can function at peak levels. You can view accounts receivable, accounts payable, submit service requests, reserve locations, equipment and vehicles, update contracts - all within a single software platform.

Being a useful tool for space management TRIRIGA enables users to keep track of data about different spaces located across the world, pull reports, create projects and count seats.

It also allows personalization and can be set up the way a user wants to see their dashboard.

Numerous applications of TRIRIGA
‍Numerous applications of TRIRIGA


Because it is an integrated industry-specific workplace management system designed with real estate, capital project management, facility management and maintenance in mind TRIRIGA is one of the best tools to increase performance of facilities. One can track multiple businesses in an enterprise system and manage real estate across the world more effectively. The software is available in 22 languages and offers several integration tools compatible with many existing applications.

Although TRIRIGA does have competitors, it provides exceptional functionality and the broadest solutions for Property and Real Estate sectors.

While eMaint also offers facility management services, it caters to a different set of industries among which are manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, education, government, etc.

Like eMaint, Hippo CMMS caters to different industries including hotel and resorts, education, religious institutions and manufacturing and retirement living but does not provide services to real estate and capital management firms.

ServiceChannel is a software tool applied for management repair and maintenance, which constitutes only a small part of the features offered by TRIRIGA.

In a nutshell, TRIRIGA is developed for heavy-weight companies, and it provides a lot of functions. Apart from tracking costs associated with construction or lease activity organizations can measure carbon emissions, view intensity of energy use and optimize energy consumption.

TRIRIGA's Key Value Propositions
TRIRIGA's Key Value Propositions

According to datanyze, TRIRIGA is ranked No. 3 among facilities management software and its market share is 11.16% (to compare, eMaint’s market share is 2.12%, Hippo’s 0.92% and ServiceChannel’s 0.44% )


There are no public prices available on IBM TRIRIGA webpage. To receive an offer you have to get in touch with the sales department.

Integration with external systems

TRIRIGA can be integrated with an external system via the IBM TRIRIGA Connector for Business Applications (CBA) tool.

To sum it up, TRIRIGA offers some of the best-in-class features to manage real estate, capital projects and facilities located across the globe more efficiently. It also enables companies to decrease energy costs and achieve carbon reduction. Thanks to TRIRIGA facility management is automated, and accurate reports can be pulled ad hoc at any time. This IWMS is truly gem-packed.

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