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ServiceChannel Review

What is ServiceChannel?

ServiceChannel is a facilities management platform that offers service automation software to SMB and enterprises to efficiently manage staff and third-party contractors. Depending on the features involved, this configurable SaaS (Software as a Service) platform follows the complete management of work orders and provides integrated analytics to its users, ensuring visibility, operational efficiency and compliance of the service channel from the start to the end of a work order completion.

The service channel suite has two separate components - “Essentials” and “Professional” which includes enhanced functionality and advanced business intelligence for efficient management of third-party contractors and internal staff.

ServiceChannel App
The software follows the complete path of the work order

What are its main features?

The main features of ServiceChannel are separated in four distinct components:

  • Find: Contractor Management
  • Manage: Service Automation
  • Pay: Financial Management
  • Analyze: Analytics and Business Intelligence

Each of these components has specific features that help some part of the work order management cycle:


  1. Contractor Directory (Fixxbook)
  2. Compliance Manager (with risk management capabilities)


  1. Work Order Manager
  2. Asset Manager (scans tags using QR barcodes or NFC technology, includes the SC mobile app, creates inventories and tracks assets)
  3. GPS/IVR Check in (via on-site phone or mobile phone)
  4. Site Access (a digitally generated ID composed of a photo and scannable barcode)
  5. Contractor Initiated Work Orders
  6. Proposal Manager (Request for Proposal design)
  7. Planned Maintenance Manager
  8. Site Planning Manager
  9. Field Tech Manager (assigning individual technicians)
  10. Supply Manager (web-based integration for tracking resources)
  11. Refrigerant Tracking Manager (convenient for food businesses, restaurants, hotels)


  1. Invoice Manager
  2. Payment Manager
  3. Early Pay (settles automated payments)
  4. Tax Validation (AvaTax - integration for transactional tax automation, enables sales tax compliance)


  1. Analytics (Custom, Standard, Premium)
  2. Decision Engine (machine learning)
  3. Data Direct (connects facilities data with other corporate data)

How is ServiceChannel different from other workplace tools?

In contrast to 360 Facility, ServiceChannel is more work order focused than real estate focused. It follows the path of the work order with the primary purpose of transparency. Specific features, for instant refrigerant tracking, make it convenient for industries like luxury retail, restaurant, convenience store, retail healthcare, spa and fitness, financial services, self-storage, groceries and supermarkets.

Unlike most others, it has added financial management features, such as Request for Proposal (RFP), Early Pay and Tax Validation. Corrigo, on the other hand has enhanced staff management capabilities.

Unlike IBM Tririga, it’s only available as a SaaS solution, and its industry specific. It includes tracking of compliance with industry standards, such as SSAE 16, the standard for reporting on controls at service organizations. It provides strong security, data backup, encryption, and disaster recovery. It also provides online contractor training for the software.

Does it offer an API and specific integrations with other apps?

ServiceChannel has a basic API model, which can integrate add-on modules for both the “essentials” and the “professional” suite. Some functionalities, like Fixxbook, for example, are available as separate integrations, but they are again owned by ServiceChannel. The site access mobile app is also owned by SC. There is a mobile app for both software packages, the essential suite and the professional suite.

What are the pricing options?

There is no direct pricing information, but you can calculate overall savings for a business by subscribing and submitting company data.

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