The Best Free And Paid Church Security Trainings

By Kait Hobson
August 14, 2019

The safety of a church’s members is critical. If your church has ever experienced an emergency situation, then you may be familiar with certain church security protocols. But if not, then you need to have a plan in place, just in case. 

Many churches protect their congregations by enrolling some of their members or volunteers in church security training. These trainings are easy to find online and can provide valuable information that may help your congregation in a time of crisis. 

What does church safety entail?‍

Church safety isn’t just about having an alarm system or discouraging burglars. Security training involves all aspects of protecting your congregation, such as:

  • Creating a safe atmosphere in your church
  • Organizing a security team
  • Dealing with difficult or disruptive members
  • Child safety, including how to recognize and report child abuse
  • What to do in the case of an active shooter
  • How to implement armed security at church
  • Emergency preparedness

How does church security training work?‍

No two church security trainings are alike. Some trainings are online, while others are in person. You may have to travel to a facility to receive training, or the training company may offer to come to your church. Trainings are also different in the way they deliver information to participants.


Some trainings may bring handouts and other physical materials to pass out to participants. Others may ask participants to act out what they would do in certain situations. These church security training scenarios are helpful because for many learners, physically doing an action cements information in the brain better than reading or listening to someone talk about it. For example, many training sessions will have participants act out emergency protocols when an active shooter enters a church building. 

The ultimate goal of every training, however, is to make sure that the person knows how to behave in situations of crisis and panic. The volunteer should also make sure to pass this information to the other members of the congregation.

The Best Church Security Trainings

Based on our research and general ratings, we have created a list of the most popular church security trainings available on the market. Some of them are paid and some of them are free, as not all the churches has the possibility of going for an expensive training. Despite of the price, every training listed is high quality and will be useful in trying to make your church a safer place.

Best Paid Church Security Trainings and Resources

  • Strategos International offers a variety of training courses that cover all aspects of church security. You can choose from topics such as intruder response training, behavior pattern recognition, verbal and physical conflict management resolution, advanced church security, church security boot camp, and more. 
  • Full Armor Church provides trainings and church safety events to educate congregations about safety protocols. If you’re looking for a low-cost option, you can offer to host a Full Armor training at your church and save on travel and lodging fees. This also allows you to customize your training so it will fit your individual parish’s needs. 
  • Sheepdog Church Security does trainings and has an e-book available for purchase on their website. If your church doesn’t have the time or the resources to commit to a full training, their e-book is a great alternative.
  • Laorsa and Associates offers a course that is available nationwide. The session includes event security fundamentals, risk assessments and threat prevention, security team selection and training, active shooter scenario training, and more. You can fill out a form directly on their website to contact them and schedule a training near you. 
  • CV Ministries has various seminars that cover church security basics. Their courses and instructors have received many five star reviews, so you can be sure you’re investing in a quality product. They even offer a firearm skills training led by an NRA instructor that includes time on a shooting range. 

Best Free Church Security Trainings and Resources

  • This article from Smart Church Management can help you get started with church security. If you aren’t sure how to build security within your church, this piece is a great place to start.
  • ServeHQ offers free security training videos on their website. The videos are a comprehensive overview of church security and are great even for a refresher. If you’d like more videos, you can pay for TrainedUp, a library of over 700 videos and other resources.
  • Church Security Alliance publishes free security videos, e-books, starter kits, and more. Their blog posts are a good way to stay updated on church security measures in other parishes. 
  • The Warrior Poet Society website has a series of 12 videos all about different aspects of church security. Hosted by John Lovell, the series covers building a security team, implementing policies in your church, medical plans, and more. 
  • Brotherhood Mutual has free resources available online with church security tips. Or, pay for their Safe and Secure Church Training Kit to receive informational materials you can disseminate to members. 

Where can I find church security trainings in my area?

If you’re ready to enroll some volunteers in church security training, you can research different options online. Be sure to evaluate cost, distance away, travel expenses, and course material to find the training that’s right for your church. You can start by the resources that we included in the list above.

Kait Hobson

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