Easy access control for modern organizations.

Choose a seamless onboarding experience that does not need advanced skills to set up and run, so that you can focus on what's most important: the people around you.

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Onboard. Unlock.

Seamless onboarding includes access.

Onboarding new employees is too often interrupted by the need to program new access cards, keys, fobs or ID badges. We believe that onboarding should be a fully seamless experience, so we designed our onboarding processes to be both fast and flexible. With Kisi, granting new hires access is a matter of seconds.
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Manage at scale with access groups.

Kisi makes managing fast growing teams a no-brainer. When hiring at record speed, adminstrative tasks can become a time consuming but necessary burden. With Kisi you can eliminate busy work and onboard employees using access groups and directory integrations.

Make office culture and security go hand in hand.

Make everyone feel like a part o the rocketship. Think about the last time you saw interns, freelancers or new hires who had to borrow a card from someone else or wait awkwardly until someone unlocks the door. Your office experience needs to sit tight, but security doesn't have to suffer.

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Manage access efficiently.

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Access everything,

Connect any number of locations and have the entire keychain in your phone at all times. Should you lose your phone, you an revoke access within seconds.

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From the moment you share access until your colleagues receive their keys, it's just a matter of seconds.

user deprovisioning

No need to
ask IT

With Kisi you can be a full admin on the Kisi dashboard - no need to wait for your IT team to get back to you.

keyless entry system for business

Ready for seamless

Add batches of users through the web dashboard. Or let Kisi add your users automatically by integrating with your directory service.

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Kisi's support team is here to help you with any questions - just call or email us directly.

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paper trail

Keep users, data and doors in sync so you have a full adit trail in case anything should happen.

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