The access control system for efficient operations teams

Streamline door access for your growing team. There is not enough time in the day to run after cards.

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efficient access control

Not enough time to print new
access badges for your team? No problem.

Reset lost keys like lost passwords.

With Kisi you always have your remote control for the doors with you. Should you get a lost key call after hours or on weekends you can reset access from remote.
revoke door access
hand over key

Always the right key for the right person

Not everyone has a key and no time to individually hand over keys is tight. With Kisi you make sure everyone has the right key when they come to the office. A standardized, highly customizable experience.

Save time by remotely sending keys to employee's phones

Your operations team has hundreds of fires to deal with during the day. There is really no time in the day for manual operations tasks like checking if a key has been issued or not. With Kisi you make sure everything is under control - even when you are working remote.

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send access

Bring seamless scale and remote
monitoring to your door access system.

remote control doors

Your access
always with you

No matter how many locations you connect with Kisi, you’ll have all access rights directly on your phone. Access them from any device and forgetting or even losing keys is a thing of the past.

scale access control

Share and revoke
access faster

Work together behind-the-scenes to get people access faster - or revoke it in real time.

access control audit

Keep access
under control

Give your operations team controlled and logged management access. No more shared access to a local server.

scale up access control

Ready for
seamless scale-up

Bulk-add new users and it’s done. No need to make it more complicated.

access control support


Kisi's support team is here to help you with any questions - just call or email us directly.

remote access management

Connect your apps with your doors

Keep users, data and doors in sync so you have a full audit trail in case anything should happen.

Connect Kisi with apps you rely on

Join thousands of tech operations driven
companies that rely on Kisi

broken key
lost fob
can not unlock door
cloud access control
missing keycard
lost ID badge

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