Simple door access for efficient operations teams

Kisi’s platform for physical security allows you to manage your facility remotely from anywhere in the world.

No time to issue badges to your team? No problem.

Reset lost keys like passwords.

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Seamless locking software

Kisi integrates with apps you already use, like Google Directory, Calendar and Microsoft Azure, to streamline user on and off-boarding.

Easily assign access rights

Add an email and hit “share”—that’s how easy it is to send access rights to your coworkers. Bulk-add new users and it’s done.

Control different access levels

Not everyone should be able to unlock all doors. Differentiate access levels to keep compliance in your facility.

View access logs from anywhere

Stay in control wherever you are. After hours, weekend, or vacation? With Kisi your access logs are always with you.

Control door schedules

Keep the doors unlocked on demand, in case of events or fluctuating business hours, with Kisi’s door schedule integration.

Dedicated support team

Kisi is simple to learn in a 30-minute onboarding call—beyond that we have a team on standby to help.

The right key for the right person

Not everyone has a key and those who do usually don't have the time to hand it over. With Kisi, everyone has access when they come to the office—an effortless, yet highly customizable, experience.

Office control is always with you

No matter how many locations you connect with Kisi, you’ll have access to them all on any device—forgetting, or even losing, keys is a thing of the past.

Grant access remotely

You always have control of the doors with Kisi. Receive a lost-key call on the weekend? Reset access remotely.
Acknowledged by the security and IoT community:
IoT Product of the Year
IoT Barcelona
CIO Review
OSPA Finalist 2018

Save time by remotely sending keys to your employees phones

Your operations team has enough problems to solve. Don’t waste time on manual tasks, like checking if a key has been issued or not.

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Kisi Software

A security system that grows with your organization's needs

Kisi is a scalable solution for your fast-growing company that’s easy to deploy. If your business has multiple locations, Kisi allows you to streamline all your operations and door metrics.

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Keep access under control

Give your operations team controlled and logged management access. No more shared access to a local server.

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