JUNE 17, 2020

Alert Policies and Guest Card Access

Flexible alert notifications and simplified card access for guests and contractors.

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Alert Policies and Guest Card Access

Updated on January 19, 2021

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Alert Policies

Stay in control of your facility and keep track of what's happening in real time - anytime. With the new Alert Policies feature, it is now possible to fine-tune which events you want to be notified about in a simple and flexible way.

Check out our short guide on how to set up an alert policy:

Alert Policies and Guest Card Access
1. Navigate to "Alert Policies" to add a new policy.
Alert Policies and Guest Card Access
2. Set a condition, a schedule, and add an audience. Users in the audience will receive a notification in the web dashboard when an incident matching the policy happens. Additional email or mobile push notifications can be configured here as well.

Guest Card Access

Kisi card activation ensures that cards are assigned to the correct users and serves as an additional security step. However, when managing guest access, it is sometimes more convenient to skip it. It is now possible for administrators to either activate cards themselves directly in the web app (for Organization/SSO accounts), or to choose not to require card activation for certain users (for regular accounts).

We recommend creating an email account such as visitor@yourdomain.com and using a construction visitor+name@yourdomain.com when adding new guests. Most domains ignore the characters after the "+" sign, which means that all communication will end up in your visitor@yourdomain.com mailbox. If your domain doesn't support this construction, you can use any domain that does. This also applies if you have an Signal Sign On (SSO) account - card users are not required to be in the Identity Provider (IdP) directory.

Alert Policies and Guest Card Access
For Organization/SSO accounts: a card can be activated by Organization administrators immediately after being assigned.
Alert Policies and Guest Card Access
For regular accounts: Navigate to the member page and activate "Allow using cards without activation" toggle. The toggle is disabled by default.

We're listening to all your feedback and will be happy to know what you think. Feel free to contact our Support team or send us a message via Feedback form in the web dashboard.

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