Why is having a workplace security policy important for your business?

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Workplace security policy

There’s a number of common workplace policies, and in this post we’ll concentrate on workplace security policy.

Workplace policies and procedures
Workplace policies and procedures

The importance of a workplace security policy

Having a workplace security policy is fundamental to creating a secure organization. No matter what area of business you are in and your company size, your business will benefit from having a security policy in place. The policy outlines the company’s goal for security. Thanks to an enforced security policy you can avoid many security threats. A policy should outline basic rules, guidelines and definitions that are standardized across the whole organization. For example, you can include rules for wearing badges at all times, inform employees about security camera policy workplace regulations, notify of mandatory security awareness training, lay out the measures that insure physical and digital security, etc.

Physical access control and a workplace security policy

It is important to make physical security an integral part of the security policy. The policy should outline how employees can access the premises and means of their identification; detail procedures for visitor’s access; outline facility requirements; restrict access to sensitive files; provide guidelines on how to access systems and electronic devices; regulate remote access, etc.  

A lot of companies have security camera policy workplace control, and use CCTV cameras to prevent unauthorized access, burglaries and theft. While in most cases it is legal to use camera surveillance in public areas, if you choose to use both video and audio surveillance, you might be expected to post signs in the areas where audio is recorded and mention that in the security policy.

Different types of security cameras used at workplaces
‍Different types of security cameras used at workplaces

How to set up a workplace security policy?

Think of what areas of security are important for your organization. Depending on your company’s size, budget and structure you might prepare a security policy with the help of your employees or apply to a third-party company that can design a tailor-made policy for you.

The following aspects could serve as a skeleton for your policy:

·         Physical security

·         Authentication

·         Privacy

·         Account management

·         Security awareness training

·         Special access

·         Access to visitors

·         Password

·         Security cameras

·         Network security

·         Incident management

·         Virus protection

Alternatively you can look for a Workplace security policy sample online and adopt it to your needs.

For example, you can find a workplace security policy sample here.

It usually takes a joint cooperation of the company management, HR, legal and IT departments to work out a good security policy. You can propose a workplace security policy sample and each department will make necessary changes to it.

It is important to remember that a good policy should be transparent, easy to read and consist of the following three parts:

·         An introduction

·         Assessment of possible risks

·         Security policy itself

You should also keep in mind policy compliance and lay out penalties associated with non-compliance.

All in all, by enforcing a workplace security policy and making sure it is observed properly, your company will minimize external and external threats,  set best practices, help to maintain a culture of security and prepare employees for situations when a threat to security arises.

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