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Why does your business need a workplace security audit checklist?

Workplace Physical Security Audit Checklist

The workplace security audit includes the verification of multiple systems and procedures – including the physical access control system – used for a comprehensive workplace security. 

workplace security audit checklist
A checklist should cover all major categories of the security audit

For easy use, download this physical security audit checklist as PDF which we've put together.

The main points include:

  • Is a documented workplace security policy covering the physical security aspects in place?
  • Is access to the building/place restricted?
  • Are all access points monitored manually or electronically?
  • Is ID based access control in place?
  • Do you maintain a visitor record/register?
  • Are employees easily identifiable due badges or other visual IDs?
  • Are access cards, fobs or passwords highly secure?
  • Is the surveillance system installed and up to date?
  • Is security light properly installed and maintained?
  • Is an alarm system installed and maintained?
  • Do you check access control, surveillance and lighting system regularly?
  • Is testing record available to show?
  • Are all documents related to physical access control procedures updated and available?
  • Is workplace staff trained for emergency egress?
  • Any other customized activity or items installed and updated?

How to Get Started with a Workplace Security Audit Template

Preparation of a workplace security checklist is a detailed oriented analysis of your workplace security system dealing with personal, physical, procedural and information security.

So you need to start with accessing security related to those categories. You can also get the help of security consultancy organizations to get created the customized workplace security checklist for your company. You can also get help from the examples of workplace security checklists.  

What Processes and Procedures Are Needed

  • Security system maintenance and improvement plan
  • Security policy and plan
  • Data management policy
  • Operational procedures
  • Security audit checklist
  • Privacy policy
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