Access Control in Chicago

Explore information on local safety, access control purchasing tips, and installers in the Chicago area.


Safety rating

34 out of 100

Business safety in Chicago

Robbery, larceny, burglary, stolen property, and vandalism are some of the common crimes that could impact your business and people’s safety, according to data from the Chicago Police Department.

Commercial access control in Chicago

Business owners in Chicago implement and upgrade their access control to protect their spaces. Having physical access control helps commercial facilities and buildings better ensure that entrances and exits are accessible only to authorized personnel.

Get matched with an access control installer in Chicago

Contact us if you are looking for the best commercial access control system for Chicago, or specifically looking for an installer of access control products. We can help determine the best system for your needs based on your business type, area, and more.


Top benefits of installing access control in Chicago

Enhance security

As Chicago has a high crime index, improving the security of your property through access control is crucial. Deploy a scalable, frictionless access control solution you can customize to your unique security challenges and promote employee safety.

Restrict access

Chicago is an urban environment with a significant amount of foot traffic. Implement modern access control to easily manage and restrict access to your building through access control policies.

Empower employees

Make shared codes and lost and forgotten keycards a thing of the past. Enable mobile access and send a digital key to your new employee’s smartphone in a few clicks. Send temporary access links that act as visitor passes instead of issuing cards.

Safest areas for businesses to operate

If you are considering opening a business in Chicago or improving the physical security of your existing property, then the Downtown area (also known as The Loop) is both a respectable and safe area to operate in. This is a central location for both business and tourism and due to its location and amount of regular foot traffic, it is frequently patrolled by law enforcement.
During business hours, the area’s population increases significantly, which also helps to keep the crime rate lower for Chicago’s popular business crimes like vandalism or unlawful entry.

Top business sectors in Chicago

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the most popular type of businesses in Chicago are the following:

Mining and logging
Trade, transportation, and utilities
Professional and business services
Education and health services
Leisure and hospitality

Chicago neighborhoods where access control is critical

If you are a business owner in the Chicago area, it is important to be aware of neighborhoods with lower safety and security ratings. Operating your business in these areas enhances the need to prioritize the protection of your property, employees, and assets. Implementing a reliable access control solution helps you maintain a secure environment. Some areas that have faced safety challenges and may be perceived as less safe for businesses include:


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    Located on the South Side of Chicago, Englewood has faced challenges with crime, including gang activity and violence.


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    Situated on the West Side of Chicago, Austin has faced issues related to gang activity and crime.

Garfield Park

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    Another neighborhood on the West Side, Garfield Park, has faced challenges related to crime, including shootings and drug-related offenses.

Humboldt Park

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    While undergoing revitalization, Humboldt Park has experienced higher crime rates in the past, including property crimes and assaults.