Access Control in Fort Worth

Everything you need to know about procuring and installing access control systems in Fort Worth, Texas.

Fort Worth

Safety rating

57 out of 100

Business safety in Fort Worth

According to data from the Fort Worth Police Department, common crimes that could impact your business and the safety of your personnel include property crimes, robbery, assault, vandalism, and fraud.

Commercial access control in Fort Worth

Commercial buildings can significantly enhance security by restricting entry to just authorized personnel through physical access control. Protecting your space with access control helps to create a safer environment for employees, customers, and valuable assets.

Get matched with an access control installer in Fort Worth

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Benefits of access control in Fort Worth

Enhanced security

As Fort Worth is a city with a relatively high crime rate, safety needs to be a top priority. Access control provides a robust layer of protection, ensuring your building and people remain secure at all times.

Restrictive access

As an urban city, Fort Worth has a dense population. Access control solutions help Fort Worth businesses restrict access to their buildings and reduce property crimes.

Employee safety

With some parts of Fort Worth facing high crime rates, it’s recommended that you have additional measures for safeguarding your workforce and key assets. Access control systems offer robust protection, giving you the confidence to focus on running your business.

Safest areas in Fort Worth for businesses

Safety should be a top priority when selecting a location for your business. Choosing an area with a lower crime rate can add additional peace of mind for your business, although no place is entirely free of crime. Fortunately, in Fort Worth, some neighborhoods have historically been recognized as safer for businesses. The downtown area is a hub of business activity, with a mix of commercial spaces, offices, and cultural attractions. It has experienced significant revitalization efforts in recent years, making it an attractive location for businesses. The West 7th District area has seen a rise in commercial developments and offers a relatively safe environment for businesses. Clearfork also has a reputation for safety and attracts businesses looking for a modern and upscale setting. Located in the northern part of Fort Worth, Alliance Town Center is a large commercial area with retail, restaurants, and office spaces. It is considered safe and family-friendly. Near Southside has also experienced significant redevelopment and revitalization, attracting a mix of businesses and fostering a sense of community.

Top business sectors in Fort Worth

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the most popular type of businesses in Fort Worth are the following:

Trade, transportation, and utilities
Professional and business services
Education and health services
Leisure and hospitality
Mining, logging, and construction

Fort Worth neighborhoods where access control is recommended

Businesses operating in the Fort Worth area may need to be more vigilant in certain neighborhoods with lower safety and security ratings. Safeguarding property, employees, and valuable assets becomes an essential priority when operating in areas like these. To ensure a secure environment, consider investing in a dependable access control solution tailored to your specific needs.

Stop Six

  • list bullet

    Stop Six is a neighborhood in east Fort Worth that has faced crime-related challenges, including property crimes and violent offenses.


  • list bullet

    Como is located in the west-central part of Fort Worth, and has experienced higher crime rates, and property crimes in particular.

Polytechnic Heights

  • list bullet

    This neighborhood has faced issues related to property crimes and violent offenses, impacting its overall safety rating.


  • list bullet

    Meadowbrook has encountered challenges related to property crimes and violent offenses.

Las Vegas Trail

  • list bullet

    Las Vegas Trail has faced crime-related issues, including drug-related offenses and property crimes.