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Updated on December 01, 2022

Written by Alberto Di Risio

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In just a few short years, the island of Singapore has transformed into a global leader in business, technology and finance. Today, the nation is home to all kinds of developing practices and hardware, putting it on par with many of the world’s other major cities. With a strong government push behind the Smart Nation initiative, Singapore has indeed come a long way in terms of harnessing technology to solve issues and execute its business efficiently.

Smart access control is the future of the modern office, and it’s quickly becoming an integral part of Singapore’s business environment. Access control systems are used to ensure that the only people who enter a facility are ones who are meant to be there, and these systems can use a variety of methods to both verify the identity of visitors and grant them access to the building or protected asset. It’s both easy and effective, making the technology a favorite of many new, up-and-coming ventures. In Singapore, a number of recent developments have increased the visibility and popularity of access control in the business world. After all of this rapid development, it’s only natural for offices and other facilities to get a tech upgrade too. From overhead lights to coffee machines, many offices are already equipped with smart technology, and it’s time for your doors and locks should be able to catch up.

Launched in 2014, Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative, mentioned above, is a massive, ongoing effort meant to improve the island’s business and technology practices, along with the quality of life of its inhabitants. In essence, the project is meant to launch the nation into a new phase of development, one that is even more rapid and sustainable than its growth in previous years. Access control fits into this initiative incredibly well, and many of the businesses that are growing or have been attracted to the city are using its power to improve both safety and productivity in the workplace. These workplaces include businesses like DBS Bank, information technology giant NCS, management consultant Logicalis and Singapore Power.

Another huge champion of access control in Singapore has come from a new source: coworking. WeWork, the New York-based coworking juggernaut, now has 10 locations around Singapore, all of which offer space to freelancers and small teams who are looking for on-demand office space that differs from the traditional office park style. To make sure that only authorized guests are allowed inside each space, the coworking company uses automated access control systems, which rely on credentials given to clients. Thanks to this technology, WeWork and other coworking spaces can make sure that their customers are allowed entry to the building only when they should be able to enter, without having to worry about security staffing or over-the-top monitoring.

If you’re looking to update your Singapore-based space, you can impress your clients and guests with Kisi’s cloud access control system. Kisi makes it easier to access your office securely. Not only do we eliminate keys for your employees, we help you maintain security control over who has access to each area of your premises. With fewer interruptions for everyone, it all adds up to a positive work experience. Our cloud management dashboard allows you to know who accessed which doors at what time. Access management is also made easy by typing in an email address, or even simpler with our member management integrations. No more guessing where are your fobs and key cards, or if anyone has unauthorized access — we help you maintain control as you expand operations.

As Singapore grows into the future, so, too, will its technology. Use Kisi’s state-of-the-art access control systems in order to look sharper and keep your business safer.

After a certified local Kisi installer visits your office for a site walk-through, our Kisi security specialist will work with you to build a custom access control system that fits your business needs.

Once the order is confirmed and Kisi devices shipped to you, you will be connected with a dedicated Kisi install specialist to address any questions that you might have during the installation.

And voila! After installation, you'll be able to setup your account, create doors, and start issuing keys!

To be connected with the best local installer, contact us at

Alberto Di Risio

Acquisition Marketing Manager at Kisi

Save time. Enhance security.

Modernize your access control with remote management and useful integrations.

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Save time.

Enhance security.

Modernize your access control with remote management and useful integrations.

  • Connect with a Kisi expert in 24 hours

  • Get a tailored solution for your use case

  • Start unlocking with Kisi in a matter of days


  • Connect with a Kisi expert in 24 hours

  • Get a tailored solution for your use case

  • Start unlocking with Kisi in a matter of days

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