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The keyless future is here: Kisi partners with Apple to provide employee badges in Apple Wallet

Kisi is now a certified Apple partner, delivering a powerful solution based on the familiar ease of Apple Wallet and Kisi's advanced access control.

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Kisi partners with Apple to provide employee badges in Apple Wallet

Updated on April 12, 2024

Written by Vera Eftimovska

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We are thrilled to announce that Kisi has become a certified Apple partner, enabling us to bring employee badges directly to Apple Wallet.

Consumers are embracing digital wallets #

People are increasingly using their smartphones to manage everything from credit cards to airline boarding passes. In fact, Apple Wallet is the #1 digital wallet in the US, boasting an impressive 92% market share. This shift toward convenience and security is driving the popularity of digital wallets.

By 2026, over 60% of the global population – or 5.2 billion people – will be using digital wallets. And a significant portion rely on Apple for its trusted, convenient, and secure platform.

That’s why Kisi has become a certified Apple partner. We’ve always strived to seamlessly integrate with our clients’ existing tech stack, and now, we're taking it a step further by making the keyless future a reality with the experience that users expect.

“Since 2013, we’ve offered Bluetooth-enabled tap and wave-to-unlock technology. We’ve seen that users love a simple user experience, and are willing to take the extra steps to achieve that, such as enabling location sharing and keeping Bluetooth on,” said Bernie Mehl, CEO of Kisi. “We know that if users are presented with something easier, faster, and more reliable than the current technology, they would use it. Now Apple Access provides an even simpler user experience that is easy for the end user to adopt. This brings us one step closer to realizing our vision to connect people and spaces.”

Introducing Kisi x Apple Wallet: Effortless access at your fingertips #

for screens showing how easy it is to add the Kisi employee badge to Apple Wallet

Kisi is delivering a powerful solution that combines the familiar ease of Apple Wallet with Kisi's advanced access control features.

Adding employee badges in Apple Wallet is simple and as familiar as adding a boarding pass from an airline app. Here's what you and your team can expect:

  • No more fumbling: End frantically searching for keys, key fobs, or keycards. Employees can simply tap with their iPhone or Apple Watch and gain access.
  • Seamless experience: Apple Wallet provides a familiar and convenient experience for your team.
  • Never be locked out: Even if their iPhone battery dies, the secure element within the device ensures access.

Kisi Reader Pro 2.1: Unlocking the power of Apple Wallet #

Person unlocking a Kisi secured door with their employee badge in Apple Wallet

Kisi's Reader Pro 2.1 seamlessly integrates with Apple Wallet. Whether you’re replacing an existing access control system, finally ditching physical keys, or looking to provide the best mobile experience, Kisi makes it easy to shift to Apple Wallet with:

  • Superior performance: Use the speed, reliability, and security of NFC.
  • Smooth migration: Integrate seamlessly with your existing access control systems, making an easy transition.
  • Enhanced security: Kisi's cloud-based security combined with the strength of Apple provides a robust access control system.
  • Built-in security: Leverage the built-in security features of iPhones and Apple Watches.
  • Remote management: Suspend passes for lost phones via Kisi’s cloud management dashboard, or users can do it via the Find My app.
  • Branded employee badges: Design badges that reflect your company's identity.
  • Granular control: Manage access credentials and durations easily across multiple locations.
Announcing the Kisi and Apple Wallet partnership

Now is the time to embrace the keyless future with Kisi and Apple Wallet. Contact us today to learn more about how you can simplify access control for your team.

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