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Introducing the Kisi Terminal Pro: Accommodate any access scenario

Discover Kisi’s new all-in-one solution for seamless employee and visitor access

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Terminal Pro

Updated on May 22, 2024

Written by Sara McGee

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We are thrilled to announce the Kisi Terminal Pro. This hardware solution enables streamlined, compliant access for anyone, in any situation via physical, mobile, or printed QR code credentials.

Juggling workplace traffic can be a headache #

You have a busy day ahead of you, but Tommy just came down with a stomach bug. The new hires are supposed to be in the office at 9 a.m. The Board is arriving at 10 a.m., followed by a major client that Success will be trying to upsell. Not to mention, the CFO is conducting final interviews for a financial analyst role this afternoon… how can you guarantee everyone has the right access while taking care of Tommy?

Access administration has become increasingly more complex. It can be difficult to keep up with multiplying visitor requests and employee changes while maintaining organizational compliance. Now, more than ever, it's critical for organizations to provide flexible credentials for everyone coming through their doors.

That’s why Kisi has launched the Terminal Pro, an all-in-one access control solution with self-serve credential options. We’ve always strived to provide the best entry experience, and we’re now taking it a step further by providing intuitive QR code credentials for your temporary visitors.

“We’ve heard and observed first-hand the pain points associated with visitor management. Employees unlock with their assigned credentials, but what about scheduled guests?” said Bernie Mehl, CEO of Kisi. “Now, imagine your team registering a visitor. They send a time-restricted QR code to the visitor’s email. Upon arriving at your front door, the visitor can just scan it at Kisi’s Terminal, and it automatically logs them in Kisi events. One more blindspot covered!”

Flexible credentials for every need #

Kisi is delivering a multipurpose access control solution that provides the best entry experience for every user. Prioritizing credential flexibility and streamlined operations, the Terminal Pro enables quick, secure unlock and check-in methods with minimal overhead.

Combining the functionality of our award-winning Reader Pro with a QR scanner, here’s what you and your team can expect:

  • Frictionless access: Provide streamlined and stress-free unlock and check-in experiences for everyone, from your employees tapping their Apple Wallet to your contractors scanning their QR codes.
  • Efficient admin: Seamlessly tackle any access control scenario with flexible over-the-air provisioning and remote management, enabling you to give the right access at the right time, all from the cloud-based dashboard.
  • Enhanced infrastructure: Guarantee compliance, bolster security, and gain complete visibility into your access analytics for every visitor.

Effortless visitor experience with QR codes #

Provision temporary QR code credentials for your contractors, cleaning crews, and clients. QR codes provide a user-friendly experience and do not require an app download or internet connectivity. Furthermore, they mitigate the risk of remote unlocking, offering additional peace of mind for security-conscious organizations.

Several Kisi customers have already embraced Terminal Pro’s multipurpose solution as early adopters. An e-commerce enterprise in New York employs Kisi’s cloud-based dashboard to streamline visitor management and ensure regulatory compliance by provisioning QR codes for secure access. Similarly, a temporary housing organization based in Arizona has leveraged Terminal Pro’s capabilities to enhance accessibility for its occupants. Utilizing QR codes eliminates the need for visitors to install additional applications, simplifying the entry process and ensuring seamless experiences.

In a testament to the versatility of Terminal Pro beyond traditional corporate environments, a homeowners’ association (HOA) based in Oregon has embraced the solution to optimize access control for recreational facilities. By deploying Terminal Pro, the HOA efficiently grants authorized access to pool and fitness facilities for both homeowners and renters, demonstrating its adaptability across diverse settings.

Ease your workplace operations with flexible credentials for everyone coming through your doors. Contact us today to learn more about how you can simplify access control.

Sara McGee

Product Marketing Manager at Kisi, crafting robust go-to-market strategies and fueling sales enablement initiatives

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