Top 10 Best Intrusion Detection Systems

By Bernhard Mehl
July 22, 2020
Top 10 Best Intrusion Detection Systems

For any business, ensuring the safety of your premises and assets is paramount. Intrusion detection systems offer this kind of surveillance through a range of connected devices. These pick up all manner of security breaches using a network connection and various alarm signals.

Below we’ll fill you in on what intrusion detection systems are, how they work, and the different types. We’ll also cover the top 10 brands for intrusion detection systems to help you choose the right one.

What Are Intrusion Detection Systems?

There are many different types of intrusion detection systems. They can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and the type you need could depend on the size of your business premises.

Essentially, intrusion detection and prevention systems are a setup of interconnected devices. These devices work together to detect motion or alert the relevant authorities about security breaches. This is done through the use of alarms or other signals, which activate once a security breach has been detected.

With the help of advanced technology, many of these networks allow for remote monitoring through smartphones and other devices. However, they are usually monitored through a dedicated Security Operations Control room.

How Do They Work?

Intrusion detection systems are made up of an alarm control unit or panel (also known as a switchboard), a keypad or touch panel, and sensors.

Sensors use various technologies to detect motion, including passive infrared (PIR), microwave (MW), or a combination of the two (PIR + MW). These sensors are placed within a facility to detect any movement inside when armed as this could indicate an intruder. In addition to detecting motion with wavelengths, frequencies, and infrared, sensors can also be magnetic.

Magnetic sensors trigger when its magnets move away from one another. These are typically known as burglar alarms. They are placed on doors and windows so that they trigger an alarm when an intruder forces a door or window open.

Apart from movement, sensors can also detect other threats like smoke, water, breaking glass, humidity, carbon dioxide, and gas.

In addition to this, there are other devices that form part of an overall detection network, including input/output modules, GSM notification modules, and signaling devices.

Types Of Intrusion Detection Systems

Intrusion detection systems can either refer to physical security measures, which we covered in the sections above, or network security systems.

Physical intruder detectors aim to detect when an intruder enters your facility so that security protocols can be triggered. This helps to protect your business from loss.

Then there is also intruder detection software made to protect your business’s network. For example, a host-based system focuses on detecting threats within an internal network of computers or devices.

Thus, when it comes to business security, it makes sense to use a host-based intrusion detection system as well. Equipped with physical intruder detection as well as cybersecurity, you can rest easy knowing that all aspects of your business are covered.

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Top 10 Best Intrusion Detection Systems

There are several brands across the world that focus on delivering high-quality devices and support services to install and maintain optimal security solutions for businesses. Here are ten of the best service providers and brands for intruder detection systems:


As a well-known device manufacturer across a range of product categories, BOSCH has also established itself as a supplier of intrusion alarm systems that are built with award-winning technology.

2. Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls offers a range of solutions for small to medium businesses, as well as large-scale enterprise clients. Their range of products includes Mobile Security Management, Panic Devices, Burglar Alarms, Perimeter Protection, and Total Security solutions.

3. Stanley Security

Stanley Security is known across North America for serving a wide range of industries. These include commercial, retail, healthcare, financial, education, and government sectors.

4. Honeywell

As a well-known supplier of products across industries around the world, Honeywell also specializes in wired, wireless, and hybrid solutions for commercial security. They offer control panels, keypads, and sensors to cover most aspects of physical security.

5. ADT

ADT is a household name when it comes to home security across the world. But they also offer enterprise security solutions that include a range of advanced security technology.

6. Ackerman Security

Ackerman Security specializes in business monitoring. This includes burglar, gas, and fire alarms. All of this comes with a guarantee of quality, backed by rigorous security standards.

7. Vanderbilt Industries

Vanderbilt Industries offers businesses a comprehensive and cutting-edge security system: Vanderbilt SPC. This includes cloud services, end-user apps, and a dedicated software suite.

8. Proteus

As we mentioned before, there are many different kinds of sensors. Proteus specializes in producing a variety of them from motion detectors to sensors that can pick up on humidity levels and doors opening and closing.

9. Pyronix

Pyronix offers a range of EN50131 Grade 3 compliant detectors using patented technologies. These can ensure the integral security of your system, even when it is not actually armed. With the addition of anti-masking functions, Pyronix helps to further guarantee your business’s security, as these are designed to be tamper-proof.

10. Risco Group

With systems designed for both the SMB and commercial sector, Risco group caters to both small and large scale systems with their LightSYS™2 Professional Hybrid G2 Security System and their ProSYS™ Plus, which is a powerful Grade 3 super hybrid security system.


While there are many different ways to secure your business, it is clear that no matter what kind of business you’re in, how big it is, or where you’re based, there will always be a need for optimal security. There are many different components to a good security system, and intrusion detection is just one of them.

Kisi specializes in holistic access control that can assist any kind of business in monitoring who is coming into and out of a building. This can form an integral part of any comprehensive intrusion detection system to help secure your business.

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