Best MSP Forum

By Angela Hwang
March 16, 2020

Everyone needs a little nudge in the right direction sometimes. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), getting help from the outside can often be highly beneficial. Luckily, there are many forums out there, all loaded with information and tips that can help you optimize your business. In fact, it’s been shown that service providers who engage in peer groups outperform those who don’t. 

We’ve put together a list of the 7 best MSP forums that everyone in the industry should have a look at. 

Top 7 Best MSP Forums


You really can find everything on Reddit. Using Reddit for MSP related queries is a great, thoroughly helpful way to utilize this platform. r/MSP is packed with advice - and of course, top-notch wit and good humor. Because Reddit is so popular, it’s common to get quick responses from people using the platform all over the world. 

There’s also a large user base that can grow and change with time, so there will always be new ideas popping up on this subreddit. You’ll no doubt find MSP employee tales there - both helpful and simply amusing. This is definitely a top contender for the best MSP forum. 


This blog posts a horde of fantastic, relevant articles for the everyday Managed Service Provider. With a member base of over 30,000, this is a great spot to connect with other MSPs. MSPAlliance aims to unify the MSP industry and takes on the label of being ‘vendor-neutral’. 

Aside from having an excellent blog and encouraging users to engage in the forums, they host an annual conference that focuses on being able to apply valuable knowledge to the real world.  


This one isn’t a typical online forum where you can post and engage with people without needing to meet them. MSP-Ignite may be the best MSP forum for its unique style of encouraging participation. 

This company connects you with a non-competitive peer group, who you will work together with to share ideas and problems you may encounter. There are also advisors on board, who facilitate these peer groups and help out when necessary. 

MSP Business Insights

This blogging site is a hit with MSPs. The MSP Business Insights forum provides a great platform where both peers and vendors can come together with commentary. Be it advice, or news - you’ll find marketing information for both IT and MSP professionals.

Angela Hwang

Angela is an account executive at Kisi. In her free time she likes coordinating twin outfits with her co-workers.