Best Smart City Companies in 2024

In a world of constant technological advancement, smart cities are on the rise. Not only does the evolution of smart cit

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Best Smart City Companies in 2024

Updated on January 04, 2024

Written by Bernhard Mehl

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In a world of constant technological advancement, smart cities are on the rise. Not only does the evolution of smart cities better the everyday lives of its citizens, but it also creates lots of business opportunities.

There are many factors that drive the formation of smart cities. These include limited resources, an ever-increasing population, climate change, and rapid urbanization. To create sustainable living environments, all these factors need to be kept in mind. This is why smart city technology emphasizes innovation, efficient energy utilization, sustainable urban engineering, mobility, and above all, security.

The following smart city companies are the pioneers behind smart building technology. They are committed to supporting sustainable and innovative trends.

Eliko #

Eliko is a well-known technology provider. They deliver high-quality solutions that drive smart innovation. By supplying future-proof products and services that are engineered to withstand an ever-evolving digital environment, Eliko helps to design top-notch futuristic technologies.

They are one of the few main sources of industrial Research and Development for the IT and electronics industries. Thus, Eliko prides itself on creating competitive IoT products. These help to form the foundations of a smart city.

Eliko has perfected indoor positioning, sensing and signal processing, and machine vision, among other things. They have partnered with more than 150 clients and been involved with over 100 developmental projects. Eliko also helps to develop digital standards in both the governmental and public sectors.

Terranova #

Terranova has been blazing new trails in the software supplier industry since 2001. They have been actively involved in the gas, electric, and water sectors. Today, Terranova has more than 160 customers with a global reach extending 80 countries.

As a leader in world-class software solutions, Terranova analyzes a company’s organizational contexts. Then, they focus on bettering their digital processes, thereby, ensuring efficient process management.

Terranova specializes in smart grid solutions, smart metering, mobile applications, and smart meter libraries. They also operate within the utility market by offering software solutions in sectors that were lacking application support.

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Fleetonomy #

Fleetonony enables the maximization of fleet potential through improving efficiency in fleet-based services. They are involved in numerous transit sectors. Specifically automakers, rental companies, and mobility service providers. By launching smart mobility services, Fleetonomy also actively increases fleet utilization.

The company itself is powered by demand prediction engines and intuitive algorithms. These allow them to spend resources efficiently and enable a multiple services approach. Car rentals and transit agencies, together with automotive OEM’s, help Fleetonomy to predict demand. Then, they can increase their fleet utilization and form new, lucrative revenue streams on a global level.

All in all, Fleetonony can help fleet owners to launch their own app-based mobility services. This paves the way for more sustainable and efficient mobility in the public transportation sector.

Havr #

Much like Kisi’s high-rated access control system, this smart city company has also decided to set its sights on the smart access sector. Through their use of Li-Fi technology, they now cater to the B2B environment with their flagship product, the Brihtlock.

Unlike so many other security-focused smart companies, Havr combines enterprise-strength scalability with a user-friendly experience. This makes their products accessible to all consumers.

They focus on changing and adapting what is already on the market into more sustainable and flexible alternatives. Through enhancing everyday security, Havr now gives you access to top-notch security systems. So, you can open doors with the light of a smartphone and share access with other people.

Woodoo #

Known for their fusion of technology and nature into smart materials, Woodoo helps to build more sustainable cities. More precisely, Woodoo takes native wood and transforms it into patented high-resistance materials.

By replacing the lignin in wood with a recycled polymer, Woodoo has figured out a way to make a more sustainable end-product. This product is sturdier, more resistant to wear and tear, and won’t catch fire as easily. Apart from its use in construction, it can also be used in the smart surfaces industry.

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