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Body Temperature Scanning for Access Control

Connect temperature scanning devices to Kisi's access control system.

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Kisi Temperature Scanning Tablet and Access Control

Updated on April 08, 2024

Written by Bernhard Mehl

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Context #

In the context of prevention for diseases at workplaces such as COVID-19, companies are looking to add temperature and mask detection capabilities to their access control. This can be achieved by adding a face recognition terminal to the main entrance of their facility in order to prevent door openings when the body temperature is measured above a certain threshold (e.g. >37.5 degree celsius).

Here is a screenshot of a social media post in which you can see the CEO of a global corporate learning company, Docebo, mask and temperature scanning at the door in order to gain access with his normal credentials. Thanks to the team at Docebo for sharing their insights for this post!

Docebo: Kisi + Body Temperature Scanning

Requirements #

Companies looking to utilize such systems typically first develop a requirements list. This particular list is what the Security and Operations team at the education innovator Docebo developed:

  • Requirement: acceptable criteria.
  • Recognition distance: 0.3 m to 2 m.
  • Temperature detection: face detection and body temperature taking without identity authentication.
  • Temperature measuring range: 30 °C to 45 °C (86 °F to 113 °F), accuracy: ± 0.5 °C without black body calibration.
  • Possibility to interact with/command the doors access control mechanism: dry contact relay trigger on the panel.
  • Conditional relay trigger: configurable door status (open/close) when detecting fever.
  • Compatibility with access control: possibility to work with the existing Kisi door access system.
  • Biometric independent face scanning: face mask wearing alert.

Terminal Device Selection #

Based on the requirements many companies consider one of the following face stations:


Real Time Networks


ZK Access

One note about face scan terminals: Typically these terminals have not been designed for this use-case of face independent temperature and mask scanning. Unfortunately at the moment you have to buy biometric features coming with it, however if you don’t enroll your users in those, this is a completely privacy friendly solution.

Deployment architecture #

The deployment solution adopted to consent the use of the Tablet Hikvision with Kisi is straightforward and involves electrically connecting the Tablet to the door opening circuit used by Kisi as in the following diagram seen here:

Docebo: Kisi + Body Temperature Scanning

In this way the door opening circuit used by KISI is closed by the Tablet Hikvision and the door remains locked because the unlocking from Kisi is electrically inhibited.

Whenever the Tablet Hikvision detects body temperature <= 37.5 ° it closes the door opening circuit used by Kisi long enough to allow Kisi time to unlock the door.

How does it work

When an employee arrives at the door, before entering he/she is required to stand at a predefined distance from the thermal scan terminal in order to detect her/his temperature.

  • If the detected temperature is <= 37.5°, the employee will be allowed to open the door with his Kisi credential.
  • If the detected temperature is > 37.5°, the employee will not be able to unlock the door and he/she will have to follow the established procedure for the case.

When a visitor arrives at the door, he/she will be required to ring at the video entry phone.

The office manager will ask the visitor to stand at a predefined distance from the thermal scan terminal in order to detect her/his temperature.

  • If the detected temperature is <= 37.5°, the office manager will open the door.
  • If the detected temperature is > 37.5°, the visitor will not be allowed to enter and the office manager will notify the visitor following the established procedure for the case.

Now more than ever it is crucial for businesses to keep their workspace safe for both employees, visitors, and technologies like Kisi to help automate and streamline organizational processes. If you have any inquiries regarding connecting Kisi to temperature scanning devices, please contact us at

Bernhard Mehl

Bernhard is the co-founder and CEO of Kisi. His philosophy, "security is awesome," is contagious among tech-enabled companies.

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