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Kisi Introduces Digital Employee Badge

You might have seen people having their corporate ID badges in lanyards hanging down from their necks. It is a rather traditional method to authenticate the identity of employees and it’s always interesting to catch those badges on the subway!

Kisi’s goal is to translate that employee ID badge to the digital world -- that’s why our users are now able to customise their Kisi home screen! This is made possible through the newly launched custom place images, brand colors and user profile images.

When users launch the Kisi app, the customized home screen with branded place images and colors will be in line with your brand. And with user profile images, admins on the backend can verify who is really coming in when they compare the user image with the person in real life. 😃

Current Kisi user looking to get the images set up? Click here.

Branded place image 

Upload a place image to display in the Kisi cloud dashboard and the mobile access pass on iOS and Android. This could be the office building, lobby, reception.. anything that you think clearly represents the office.

digital employee badge

User profile images

Users or admin can upload and assign profile images to allow easier visual review of events log.

digital employee badge
digital employee badge

That's all for the latest updates! As always, we are constantly improving Kisi so do look out for our latest developments around the corner.

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